Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Glow... quiet evenings around the carriage house

The glow of a Christmas Tree is lovely in the long winter nights...
...and Christmas-themed Tablescapes can be such delights... is a cozy fireside sprinkled with doses of glowing candlelight.

Christmas Glow... A little sentiment for my readers

Wishing my readers peace and heavenly-joy this holiday season: angelic picture circa mid 1970's in Georgia. Yes, I was part of the cast for a live outdoor manger scene long ago... ;)

Tis the Season for You

'Tis the season to be jolly...and feel so cheerful with a belly full of laughs.

Tis the season to celebrate today, toast the future and honor the past.

Tis the season to embrace the joy and the jingle bells and those church bells ringing.

Tis the season to hug loved ones, give charitably and let loose with some carol singing.

Tis the season to seek peaceful moments amid all the fun revelry.

Tis the season to be introspective, grateful, worshipful and feel life's sweet brevity.

Tis the season, so make it yours...

...truly and oh so wonderfully this year and evermore.

Sending out a little Christmas poem to my readers this 2011 Holiday Season with all the best wishes for a wonderful celebration this month to you and yours! Best as always, Lachlan