Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Croquet Day.... such Stylin' Preppy-fun!

The old-fashioned elegance of a springtime's croquet-playing
Tents, check... mallets set up, check... sporty roadsters, check...
Your's truly found her dream-car: a classic MG roadster from the 1930's
Every dyed-in-the-wool or dyed-in-seersucker Preppy relishes any chance to get decked out in white linen and seersucker, pack up an elegant lunch or tea repast and tap away with croquet mallets in the late spring sunshine....
At least this particular Preppy did earlier this spring!
What a truly fun afternoon it was enjoying a croquet tournament that was uber-tres' elegant. I loved every minute of it and am inspired to have a classic croquet set one day soon for enjoyable times spent out on our lawn as well.
Above are a few of the wonderful photos from that delightful afternoon... ah, croquet!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy, busy and all-good but still such a busy Spring into Summer

Busy...and all good-busy but boy, am I one tired Lowcountry Preppy this Spring

Hello everyone: my readers, my passers-by and the friends and family on Facebook who read this as it streams into there from this blog site....

I hope you all have been having a wonderful Spring into Summer season as have I :)

It's been so much fun and so very festive that I haven't posted as many blog posts as I usually do but I hope to get back to doing so in the next little while.

This warming-months season of 2011 I've been super-busy with work, inundated with projects around both the house and the grounds here, helping out with a myriad of charitable and social events, volunteering around church, catching up with friends over lunch hours and lingering dinners and so for and so on....

Thank goodness for our 10 day Florida Keys getaway: we needed that relaxing "breather" both before and after it that's for sure.

And so soon I'll do some fun blogging about islander parties, croquet playing, summer fashions, Lowcountry cuisine, decorating for hot n' humid months and the like but for now...

...off I dash once again. Today's "busy" is driving James back to the Savannah Airport this afternoon then heading back into town for evening church service, delivering some baby presents, going out to dinner with good friends, swinging by the grocery store afterwards then when finally back at home, setting out my work outfits for this next coming week plus writing some more bills to mail out before heading to work early tomorrow morning... and I thought Sundays were to be a day of rest ;)