Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank you for your patience dear readers...

A sincere "thank you" to my readers n' regulars who have been so patient over the past few months during what would be one of the loooongest, most complicated n' many-layered moves I've ever experienced!

We are FINALLY on the back-end of this huge transitioning which involved moves from our carriage house, our island home and two large climate-controlled storage units in two different states several hours away from where we are here now on the beeautiful waters' edge within Savannah's environs.....

I do so want to catch-up with all things Preppy, Pretty and Positively-fun to ruminate upon with you!

Here's hoping everyone had a great springtime and here's to summertime and some more postin' soon :)

Best to you all and I'll be back posting-away now that all this moving dust has settled, wheh!