Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Croquet Day.... such Stylin' Preppy-fun!

The old-fashioned elegance of a springtime's croquet-playing
Tents, check... mallets set up, check... sporty roadsters, check...
Your's truly found her dream-car: a classic MG roadster from the 1930's
Every dyed-in-the-wool or dyed-in-seersucker Preppy relishes any chance to get decked out in white linen and seersucker, pack up an elegant lunch or tea repast and tap away with croquet mallets in the late spring sunshine....
At least this particular Preppy did earlier this spring!
What a truly fun afternoon it was enjoying a croquet tournament that was uber-tres' elegant. I loved every minute of it and am inspired to have a classic croquet set one day soon for enjoyable times spent out on our lawn as well.
Above are a few of the wonderful photos from that delightful afternoon... ah, croquet!


  1. I do not know if you have ever been to Pinehurst, NC... But on the front lawn of the main resort is an official croquet court. I do love seeing every one outside in ther all white attire.

    I am glad you enjoyed your outing!

  2. Thanks Beaufort Belle! I've been there a long time ago and can't remember that but what-fun that it's still a great tradition there :) good for the resort to keep this going....

    It was such a fun day despite the heat.
    Best, Lachlan