Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Tale of Two iPods... pink and green Shuffles that is

I need to write a disclaimer before I go any further: yes, I am still a big proponent of simplifing life and quite decidedly not a techie or a trendy type of person. Being a lifelong "preppy" just scratches the surface of my general leanings towards all-things-classic.

That being stated, I have found however that incorporating a few newer things into one's life that really work for daily living is handy indeed. Case in point, the iPod shuffle. Earlier this year, I began my enchantment with my husband and my joint Christmas present to ourselves, another trend that we've embraced: the Wii Fit. Or rather, should I say, the Wii "My Fitness Coach" program which I actually look forward to doing on a regular basis. This began supplementing and then overtook my usual around the island walking or jog-runs. For years, while exercising I had held in one hand a clunky CD disc Walkman that went through two headsets. Yes, for over a decade I used that thing. However, while strolling through our local electronics super store to get the Fitness Coach program, my eye espied those cute, oh so tiny iPod Shuffles. I just had to check them out. It was all too easy to justify the purchase of one since gosh, how great is this to simply clip right onto my clothing while working out?! So light and hands-free.... so sold!

Promptly I was putting all of my favorite Classic Rock and highschool era 80's dance tunes on my new, darling hot pink Shuffle. And I'm really enjoying it. I exercise to it, mow the lawn areas with it and even at times wear it while I attempt to cook, er mostly bake actually. It's been great. Price per wearing/using indicates that I'm getting my money's worth outta' this, oh yeah.

The only "downfall" to the Shuffle is that the tunes all intermix and though it's fun to reshuffle them, it really is best to keep the same genre' on one Shuffle at a time. Otherwise it's a bit jarring when I need a dose of what I call my "Zen Time" of enjoying quieter music such as classical orchestral pieces, Japanese flute and such since it's very difficult to calm and center oneself if one's iPod Shuffle jumps from say Bach to the Beastie Boys in a matter of minutes and so...

...a second iPod Shuffle entered into my life. (Thank goodness for columnist checks coming in each month entailing my bit of mad money that lets me get-away with such frivolity as purchasing two Shuffles, wheh!)

This second Shuffle, but of course, is the green one. Green for calming, cooling Zen-mood music and the hot pink one for energizing rock n' roll tunes. Perfect! My pink and green little shuffles sit up on a bureau top in the bedroom always at-hand when I need them. This methodology of music has worked out so well for me and lets me enjoy my favorite tunes without them barging in on other's listening around the house to the television, radio, our CD player and also to the wonderous silence that we all enjoy around here with being out on 5 acres by ourselves.

If you would have told me last year that I'd have not only one iPod device but, gasp, two... I would have bet ya' at least 5 whole bucks that that'd never, ever happen.

Gotta' love the ironies of life and gotta' love laughing at oneself! Here's to pink n' green iPodin'!

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