Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here's to 2010 and some more blog posting coming soon....

New Year and Good Cheer...

Hello and Happy New Year 2010 everyone!
I'll be posting more on the blog soon with going into this brand new year but until then, here's wishing you all a positively "in the pink" (and kelly green) but not gettin' a pink-slip kinda' year ahead. It's continuing uncertain times and still a very uncertain economy out there but keeping a bit of positivity helps out everyone: sorta' like the usual fun-guy out there at parties who wears a pair of loudly-toned madras pants just for the heck of it- heck yeah! haha That's the spirit!
So here's to wearing some madras underneath our winter coats or, if you're like me, here's to enjoying pulling out a madras checkbook cover from one's handbag for a cheery kick of preppy positivism as one purchases items and also pays the bills.
Southern Preppies have learned since the War Between the States that even if one's in a position of say being Land-rich but Cash-poor (which many southern folks were after the North won and maybe still are) you can still maintain a smile, enjoy daily living and entertain with style. Both steaks and salmon down to simple burgers and humble cheese sandwiches can all be served-up on beautiful china plates. It's not what life brings to you but rather... how you choose to react...
Here's wishing a GREAT 2010 to you all and lotsa' fun livin' n' laughter throughout!


  1. As one who had a pink slip kinda year in '09, I could not agree more with you. Here's to a fantastic 2010 with an nod to the simple life and appreciating what life has to offer even in the smallest of ways...

  2. Yay! What a great attitude and great ideas...madras checkbook, burgers on fine china. Love it! Happy New Year Lac!

  3. Hey there and I really hated to hear that about the pink slip... but you're so right, perspective is key and appreciation about the core-life things so important these days. Thanks for the great comment :)

  4. Hey V! So glad you liked the ideas and like Miss Wendy said, attitude is so important that's for sure. And like you've been saying with your blog as well... It's great we're all thinking alike :) Happy New Year to you too and best to you as always!