Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daffodil-hues...Spring 2011's Offerings Perfect for Preppies

Cheerful, casual bold yellow is trending "hot n' sunny" this Spring...

A yellow tie from Vineyard Vines brightens a button-down shirt

Throw on a great yellow-hued hat from Orvis anytime, anywhere

Smiles abound in a delightful yellow child's cardigan from Lilly Pulitzer

Let's not forget the dogs in Ralph Lauren's Polo offering for them

Brighten your wake-up day via this L.L.Bean alarm clock

Brighten up someone else's day with a Cranes note in bold coloring

Set a casually-cheerful table with Fiesta available at Belk

Splash yellow brightening around a room inspired by Southern Living

Ah... bold, bright and cheerful wonderful to see it pop up this Spring season not just outdoors with the daffodils but also with the latest fun fashion, decor' and other product offerings for these coming warmer weather months of 2011.

Personally, I'm a light, buttery yellow kinda' gal but this current bright yellow is a lot of fun!
I would so wear this elegant yet still-can-be-casual in a way dress offering from Kate Spade that begins the pictorial above! In fact, I'd wear everything in the current website front page of Kate Spade's website...check it out and you'll get a whole lotta' bold yellow inspiration.
Have fun with focusing this trend in a casual, daily-living type of way!

Besides having daffodils in your yard and in vases within the house, why not enjoy this fresh vibrant yellow trend in a variety of other ways?

Sometimes pictures do indeed speak louder than words, thus the pictoral gallery above is for your Spring 2011 Bold Yellow Trending Perusal.....


  1. Love the yellow and white houndstooth! Makes me want to redo my bedroom (again!)

    I have a buttercup yellow Michael Kors trench coat that I love unpacking every spring. My daffodil golf skorts and short-sleeved polos are still awaiting their yearly debut, but it can't be long now :-)

  2. Hi mountains and magnolias and wow, I love the imagery of a bright yellow trench coat- awesome! :) What a wonderful way to bring a bold touch of yellow into Spring when it's still cooler and a bit it...

    Yes, warmer weather trending is sooo wonderful and will get us out in our short-sleeves soon.

    Best to you, Lachlan

  3. Yellow is such a great feel good color, very uplifting fresh and beautiful. Love the doggie sweater, love yellow sundresses and the stationary is quite pretty. Alas spring is on our doorstep and we can actually start wearing yellow! Enjoy the beautiful day....

  4. Thanks for the springtime post! Just getting back into the swing of things and am looking forward to more warm weather!

  5. Thanks enchanted home :) and I hope that you are having more and more warm days was 84 degrees here today and I thought, uh oh, we're in for a very-hot summer if it's 80+ here in March.

    SO glad that you enjoyed the yellow pictural profferings above- so many to choose from for sure!

    All the best to you as always, Lachlan

  6. Thanks bevy! ready for the warmer weather especially since we had a cold-wet week last week but it's already turning warm this weekend so that's a relief :)

    Best to you as always, Lachlan