Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Preppy's Autumn 2011 Stylin'...the classics with a dash of luxurious shine

Jones New York puts the new shiny-sheen perfectly into tweed
Shine, sculpture and deep neutrals add the-pretty to Burberry's neo Preppy
As always, Ralph Lauren gets-it completely right...the look, the lifestyling...

This autumn styling season relegates those thick boxy plaid flannel shirts and heavy tall leather riding boots we old school Preppies love to clunk around in to...well just clunking around the more rustic areas of the countryside as Fall Fashion"s classic staples have gone so wonderfully elegant this season.

Plaid flannel and wool tartans, cashmere cardigans and leather belts, denim and courderoy and all the fabrications of cooler weather classics have been elegantly reinterpreted oh so very prettily!

Shiny detailing such as metallic-sheen leather and the sparkle of a smattering of tiny bugle beads lend a going-out-for-the-evening excitement to the usually more staid wardrobe pieces like cardigan sweaters, high-heeled pumps and thin wool shawls. Animal prints are muted, neutrals are deep and rich, leathers are supple and the overall contexting is all about luxurious comfort. Tall boots have sculpted heels while the calf line is lean, molded to the skin. Blouses are silk shantung. Tweeds have silvery threads intertwined in the woven fabric. It's very day-into-evening without being tacky or too over the top. Finally fall fashions are getting the lighter, more feminine side of pretty that sometimes seems completely relegated to spring's wardrobe stylings.

I really like this direction...the Return To Preppy-Pretty Without Being Patronizing.... refreshing, how completely comfortable! How perfect for Fall: this year and every year.

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