Monday, November 28, 2011

The Glow of Christmas... elegant holiday scented candles both by and for Preppies

Preppy-candle Perfection by Ralph Lauren...but of course...

L'Object has THE most elegant candle containers imaginable!

One of my all-time favorite timeless candle profferings: Rigaud, ahh.

Michel candles are easy to find and easy on the nose with their scents...

Seriously-elegant and yet evocative of nature from Michael Aram

India Hicks gives island lifestyles effortless elan- so coral chic!

Silvered pagoda-style is oh, so Charlotte Moss indeed- love this!

Christmas and candles just go oh, so well together don't they?

We've safely taken them off of our Christmas trees (thankfully) as delightful as those effusive Victorians found them to be with bringing fir trees to the forefront of holiday celebration decor'.

Now candles glow on our mantelpieces, sideboards, windowsills and are liberally scattered around various tables- dining tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, kitchen tables and such. My favorite is having a single scented candle glowing away on the entrance hall's table to greet family, friends and guests with...ahh, how lovely... especially as the nights get darker so much earlier this time of year.

Scented candles are wonderful hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and the "just a little something" circes Preppy ladies especially enjoy gifting one another with throughout the holiday season.

As any Preppy's nose knows, there's scented candles and then there's scented candles.

Other folks favor scents such as Country Cinnamon Apple and Winter Memory Melody whereas Preppies favor scents titled Persimmon, Amaryllis, Frasier Fir and Cypres. The closer to the actual scent authenticity and the further away from Norman Rockwellesque Americana-verbage is definitely the better within Preppydom. As well, the further from the look of a glass Mason jar indicates which candles are found within Preppy homes and darling little gift bags.

Beautiful scents emanating from elegantly traditional containers, or even traditional with a twist kind of containers, are definitely perfectly Preppy candles!

Above are images of a few of my favorite candles to light and enjoy along with some new versions from lifestyle designers who are totally getting-it-right with not only clothing, accessories and shoes as well as home furnishings but also...with candles too!

Happy Holiday Season everyone and enjoy the glow of candles these winter months of 2011...

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