Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Costuming...Preppy style

Lately I've been thinking of Halloween.... not a big ole' surprise, surprise eh during this month of October? But costuming, and what we choose to costume ourselves with, has been on my mind since running across the above photo of my husband and I dressed-up for a Halloween Ball the month we first began dating back in 1989. (We're standing in the hallway of my college dorm)
We could have gone to the festivities as I guess just about anything and once at the dance, it was glaringly obvious that most party-goers had come in about the wildest formations of "anything" they could muster. However, being both raised-Preppy, James and I 1.) sought Anglophile and historic inspiration, 2.) found the best class of costume to be had around town and 3.) coordinated our theme and so... I was the "Lady in the Tower" of London and James but of course was the Beefeater Guard of said tower ;)
This past April we enjoyed touring around the actual Tower of London together which was a blast and being there kinda' brought us full-circle to the theme of many a Halloween ago.
For my 40th Birthday blow-out-bash a few years back, we again coordinated our costuming efforts. This time, since we live out on a small island, we went for a local-flavor theme that had me dressing as a Mermaid and James simply gearing-up in his flyfishing apparel. That evening was such a fun celebration with the house literally packed-full of folks and our good friend Don "won" the best costume award with his quite amazing Don Juan impersonation: cape, sword, black mask, clothing n' tall boots and an attitude to match. He was hilarious!
SO in the spirit of Halloween and all-things-Preppy, here's a listing of Prep and Non-Prep Halloween attire to get a laugh out of and perhaps even some costuming inspiration from:
Prep Costume: going as a rendition of the family gardener complete with muddied Wellie boots
Non-Prep Costume: going as Larry the Cable Guy
Prep Costume: any Royal entity or actual personage... purple, ermine and crown is optional
Non-Prep: any current Hollywood "star" especially if the face is some full-head rubber mask
Prep Costume: a classic Vampire, Witch or Ghost
Non-Prep: Freddy Kruger, Jason, Michael Myers or any other low-budget film slasher
Prep Costume: one's mother's old Lilly Pulitzer maxi-gown aka Palm Beach circa 1970's
Non-Prep: doing the hobo-look because one has not thought of a decent costume in time
Prep Costume: Polo playing or English Riding togs
Non-Prep: Bowling League shirt and empty bowling ball bag carried for potential candy bounty
Prep Costume: looking subtely-sexy in a non-sexy costume
Non-Prep: those unfortunate tarty servitude French Maid, Pirate Wench and the like outfits
Prep Costume: classic Devil or Angel
Non-Prep: politician masks donned with an ill-fitting business suit
Prep Costume winner: dressing like-Daddy-does in a smoking jacket, leather slippers, pipe, etc.
Prep Costume loser: dressing like anyone Daddy or Mother hires including accountants, bankers
Hope you enjoyed a good tongue-in-cheek chuckle and Happy Halloween costuming to you all coming up!


  1. Apologies to the readers of this particular post.

    I've tried n' tried to space it correctly but the ghost-in-the-machine (Halloween pun intended) won't let me....

  2. I have been reading through your older posts and this gave me pause. I have attended such festivities, where the party-goers didn't even attempt. Oh the pictures I have from my college days that would make you double over in fits of laughter.

    I am really enjoying your blog. You will definitely be one of my daily reads! Have a great weekend!

  3. So glad to hear that you are enjoying the older posts and this particular one I wrote with a lot of tongue-in-cheek was one of those that while I was writing it, I kept laughing out loud every now and then. I bet the pics you have are a hoot! We had some crazy-costuming at my college too and the outfits pictured here that James and I wore were so-tame compared to so many others, lol.

    But as were we both history-buffs, no one was surprised at our choice ;) My Aussie relatives really take "fancy dress" parties, as they say, so seriously and you see costume shoppes' year-round in AU- quite interesting.

    Have a great weekend too and you made my weekend by enjoying this blog so much; I'll be posting some more soon...

    Best, Lachlan