Thursday, October 15, 2009

Laughing at myself... Prepsters always maintain a good sense of humor, especially at their own expense

Oh, I just hafta' laugh and laugh hard...

Not ONE DAY after I posted about the frippery of funky fashion trends that end up being actually more comical than thoughtful additions into one's classic wardrobing- I get presented and accept a job offer for... you're going to love this....

Special Events Coordinator and Merchandising Consultant at a national retailor!!! :)

Oh, the irony of it all eh? Haha. BUT, and there's a huge however caveat here, this dual position involves a company known for its department store offerings having plenty of wearability with wardrobing and so, bringing in trends that are actually translatable. So I'll be back into having a blast producing special events n' fashion shows that actually MEAN something to the harried and overwhelmed consumer who wants a distillation of seasonal trends as well as a sincere avoidance of anything remotely clown-like coming into their closets. None of this bizarre' exaggerated shoulder pads fiasco going on right now or any return to M.C.Hammer pants on my runways.

Today I began pulling clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes for an upcoming fashion show. I was well-pleased that the various clothing line selections are abundantly pretty and pretty darn wearable.

I love retail when it's realistic. Yes, I do understand the inspirational "concept stories" of designer collections coming down the runways each new season and used to get Women's Wear Daily which is considered by most to be the-bible-of-fashion. I have some Chanel, Armani and Versace' pieces in my wardrobe plus a couple a' those great Chanel handbags and haved truly loved them though I'm still.... justifying their expense. But I am also prudent and practical and certainly don't mind purchasing with longevity in mind.

Hence, no collar-necklaces (that frankly look like be-ribboned baby bibs) either on the runways, event shows and special merchandising that I'll be producing in the weeks n' months and most likely even years to come. After a 5-year hiatus from being gainfully employed within the fashion world, I'm back into it and am thrilled for this flexible-hours and creative license opportunity that came most unexpectantly my way.

I'm currently also in the throes of my final graduate school course for this MA degree I've been working on and so will be super busy between schoolwork and fashionwork but it's all good!

So here's to a good n' hearty laugh at myself and....

....enjoy the comical Frida Kahlo totebag image included in this post that just says it all (doesn't it?!) when an iconoclast of fevered anti-fashion expression within her lifetime becomes a commercial style all of her own posthumously. Ironies abound! And ironies abound especially within all-things-fashion.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're soooo lucky, you have no idea! You're living my dream! Congratulations. If you ever get overwhelmed and need extra hands or (want to bring a newbie stylist to assist you), PLEASE call me! I will drive to wherever you are in a heartbeat!

    Congratulations again. FYI...Twitter is the new fashion hangout. If you want instant news on the newest/hottest/latest, Twitter up!


  2. Thanks V! I really appreciate that!

    I did this back in Charlotte on a district-level for a retailer and now am doing this for one store here and yeah, am so excited- it's a ton of fun and never really feels like "work"...

    With your blog and fashion knowledge, I could so see you doing this kinda' thing too :) One of the things I haved missed the most aside from this is also the monthly fashion column I used to write for a suburban newspaper- the readership was fantastic and the editor let me write away...

    Thanks for the Twitter info. James is Twittering and I may do so post-grad after December. Great idea!

    Best to ya' and I'm enjoying your fashion updates- YSL's magic with that past collection, yes, I agree.

  3. Thanks, Lac...go get 'em girl!