Friday, February 26, 2010

How-To wear rosettes, ruffles and such without being clownish- a guide to Spring 2010 fashion

Spring 2010 Fashion is for the most part quite feminine and flattering: finally a season that works for stylish, not faddish, smart and classic-style-savvy females across the globe! Preppies and non-Preps alike rejoice...
Above: tailored-ruffles from the Lilly Pulitzer 2010 offerings

Above: a wonderful Kate Spade pump that will be a perennial classic

Above: it doesn't get much better than this great Talbots spring look

Above: Ah, Chanel... edgy, young, feminine and still properly appropriate

After my last blog post with the garish ruffles n' rosettes picture at the top serving as the visual image for "Preppy In Extremis", I thought I'd do another post regarding the pretty-side of Spring 2010's fashion.

This one is a lot more pictures and a lot less text but in some cases, especially with fashion, a picture's worth a thousand words so it was fun utilizing pictures of Spring Fashion from the purveyors mentioned above and all images come from their websites. Check these websites out: they're terriffic resources for inspiration and future purchasing. I could literally purchase the-whole-lot from both the Talbots and the Ann Taylor catalogues this spring! ( well, if you haven't read it yet, the "Preppy Caught in the Hallway" post from earlier this month features more spring fashion ideas and information)
Ruffles, Rosettes and Romanticism... nothing in the bizarre' extreme thankfully but actually in a very flattering modern-interpretation for well dressed women, this spring and beyond....


  1. Thanks Beth and yes indeed...I agree...and I think that some of my paychecks are definitely headed towards acquiring a few pieces this spring. But they'll be investment-purchases since who knows how long this "return to actual pretty" is going to last eh? ;)

    It's like when a-line skirts re-surfaced once again a couple of years ago and I was making sure that I had enough versions for spring/summer and fall/winter to last me awhile... gotta' make hay while the sun shines. lol

  2. Oh, and I think I've found my favorite-shade of pink....Talbot's is calling it "Romani" and perhaps this is short for "romantic". It's a chalky but not dull fuller-version of cameo-pink and I'm in love.... ;) Feminine and elegant but thankfully not too-precious, ahh, perfect, perfect!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Chinoiserie Chic. I grew up in Lake Forest, Illinois, attended Ferry Hall School for prep school, then Bryn Mawr where some of my friends helped write the original Official Preppy Handbook. Now live in Alexandria, Virginia. Love your tempered preppy approach. I am on the Chanel/Kate Spade side of the preppy fashion spectrum, although Phillip Lim is my go to designer. Can't do Talbot's or Ann Taylor. You must stop by and read Reggie Darling-trust me. Have you checked out my daughter and my blog Style Redux?

  4. Hi there and what a great history you have with the Official Preppy Handbook! Wow! Yes, you definitely "get" my approach to all-things-Preppy and I'm thrilled to hear this: tempered and nuanced with a southern lowcountry softness.

    I used to wear a lot more Chanel, Armani and Elie Tahari, etc before becoming an island bum ;) I even had some old-school Versace' in my wardrobe too predating Gianni's sad passing away. Phillip Lim is wonderful and has an incredible edgy-ness to classic cuts; I really like the offerings however, it's so uber-casual where we are out here that I've just left I guess the more high-fashion side of things for tried n' true classics for the most part.

    Occassionally I'll have one of my Chanel handbags on my person, an Hermes' scarf or the coat top of a well-loved Versace' suit on at church and it's like, "the fashionista's come to town" haha and this is at a very old Episcopalian church where the ladies dress up quite a bit. But mostly, I've softened designer-wise especially with being in grad school these past few years and barely surfacing up from school work to get myself over to church or out with friends for dinner n' such...

    Talbots is really interesting to me. For years I'd just swing by and get my requisite kacki pants from them and some scoop-neck tee shirts but over the past 3 years, they're getting more and more interesting to the point that I've become a big-fan.

    I'll stop by and check out the blogs you mention and Style Redux sounds like it'll be a neat one!

    Thanks for commenting here- so appreciate it and of course your great blog as well :)

  5. Ruffles is one of my signature looks. They never get old with me! Here is how I rocked them for one of our features called Champagne Saturday.

  6. Hi Kristin and thanks for a link to your post! Your dress is great and is that flattened-ruffle reinterpretation that I'm so enjoying see emerging lately...neat :)

    Enjoyed your blog as well- best, Lachlan

  7. Thanks for the late-night reading entertainment. I laughed as I read your blog and enjoy reminiscing about my days growing up as a true preppster; the days of shopping at the Stagg Shoppe at the mall or John B. Rouke to buy everything Polo, and going to Punch and Judy when I was just a kid with to buy my Easter Suits every year. Great memories!!

  8. Thanks David and I'm so glad that you're enjoying the blog :)

    It does have quite a bit of ole Savannah thrown in doesn't it? The Stagg Shoppe sounds so familiar- was that a men's store?

    SO much fun that we've connected on the Savannah-side of Prepdom!

    Best, Lachlan