Thursday, February 18, 2010

Preppy in the Hallway: Seasonal Transition Attire

Preppy caught in the hallway - Winter to Spring transition attire

Earlier tonight as I was coming in from a day of attending a ladies-who-lunch luncheon and also helping out with a department store's annual Bridal Show event, I was caught in the hallway here in what I'd label as Winter to Spring transition attire. This is actually a great outfit to showcase how to layer, look feminine yet still tailored and also be quite appropriate for going day into evening with ease.

Placed over a camisole and thick black tights, I have my favorite Ralph Lauren blouse, a light trench coat and an a-line black and white tweed skirt that I purchased at Saks 5th Avenue ages ago and has been one of the best buys I've made with clothing purchases. Added into this ensemble' is a white topstitched black leather belt replacing the coat's tie sash and my pair of tall black boots that are more dressy in design. I have a mother of pearl/seed pearls floral pin as well as layered white and gray pearl necklaces for jewelry embellishments although they are hard to see in this photo. Pearl stud earrings keep this look neat and unfussy as the ruffles on the blouse's necklines and cuffs are certainly flouncy-enough.

(My usual large black sunglasses and a medium size black leather tote aren't pictured here.)

It's hard to go-wrong during the winter with wearing classic black and white. A few feminine flounces and pearl embellishments lighten this look up for winter-into-spring needs. Lately I've been adding in a touch of lavender hues with my usual black, white and dark gray outfits in order to gently bring a springlike tone to outfits while still keeping them seasonally appropriate. Though wonderful spring fashions are coming into stores galore', it's still cold outside and February frankly isn't the month to begin sporting around light and airy spring clothing unless of course one is down in the Caribbean soaking up the sun. Ahh, resort wear...

Next month James and I are heading off to Paris for a week and you can bet that black, white, dark gray and a dash of lavender will be my wardrobe choices for hopefully looking tres' chic :) in a city so well known for its style. Earlier today, our Bishop in Residence complimented my outfit as I was walking into our Episcopalian church's Parish Hall and if he thought it looked elegant, well then...

Here's to transition-wear and all things prettily-preppy! Happy winter-into-spring everyone!


  1. nice outfit! Spring-y and winter-y all in one!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! :) This time of year's always a fashion-challenge especially with all the wonderful spring clothing coming into the stores and yet... it's still so darn wintery outside. Black n' white gets to be my go-to basic for awhile.

    And thanks so much for your comment in another site about enjoying this blog- I really appreciated that! :)

    Best to you as always, Lachlan

  3. You're such a lady, madame. I love that about you. You look so polished!

  4. Thanks V! :)

    My mother would be proud I think.... I felt a little "Lord Flaunteroy" in that ruffled blouse but at times, my inner-romantic surfaces, lol...