Saturday, May 15, 2010

And while we're on the subject... "Style" by Kate Spade

Another book that tends to pop up onto my bedside table quite regularly is actually one of a trio that I reference, and enjoy perusing through, again and again: Kate Spade's "Style" but also her "Manners" and "Entertaining" as well.

Produced so uber stylishly and classically, I really appreciate the thought and effort put into these slim but packed-with-ideas n' info. little tomes. The lightly sketchy, casual watercolor illustrations are nothing short of charming and how I really wish that I could paint in this manner towards some degree of success. I keep trying to capture this kind of water coloring vibe and maybe someday it'll finally gel within my seemingly futile efforts eh?

This is a set of books that one can quickly pick up and always find something inspiring or informative within their neatly categorized pages. The brightness of the illustrations along with the Tanka-like, almost poetic at times brief chunks of information set out on each page just makes this, for me, a great, really fun sporadic reading experience time after time.

My favorite pieces of Kate Spade within my wardrobe are: the very-early in her line's production boxy handbag that's a champagne-hued raw silk with black lining; a greatly loved small, squared vinyl and leather black backpack; the wonderful surprise my husband James brought back for me after one of his longer flying trips- a brown suede tie-wrap sketching journal complete with color pencils and a small silver pencil sharpener at the end of one of the suede ties. All of these are classics in their own right and much enjoyed.

Kate Spade brought back a sense of continental styling/casual-classic savvy into the realm of "things-Preppy" at a time when it needed it quite frankly. Her fresh vibe has been really appreciated throughout the years and paved the way, in my opinion, for Tory Burch and others to continue along this re-Preppying of society wherein anyone can enjoy a piece or two or well, the entire life styling of this if they so chose to do so. It's a welcome lifestyle tone of being sophisticated yet casually and practically rendered all the while not being snobby or overly posturing within its delivery and individual interpretation.

This three book set has traveled with me from homes in North Carolina, out on a mountainside in Utah and now out here to a tiny island off the coast of South Carolina... no matter where we live in the years to come, Kate Spade's style trilogy (as well as the ole' Preppy Handbook but of course) will move right along with me.

Here's to great lifestyle books that are perennial classics...never going out of style!


  1. I bought the same set a few years ago. They are valuable and I love the art work.

  2. That's great Wendy...and great minds think alike don't we? ;) Cool....