Saturday, May 15, 2010

Any Outfit + Pearls ='s Preppified

This weekend's been a fun social one for sure and tomorrow holds yet two more shindigs. I just thought my readers would get a big smile outta' how I "Preppified" two outfits that normally wouldn't be all too obviously Preppy...

The first is this one from a trip to our local beach with a girlfriend on Friday afternoon. I added pearls as a quirky, tongue-in-cheek shot at Preppiness that I knew Ashley would get a big kick out of ;) I love this swimsuit because it's the perfect tanning, no shoulder straps kind of suit that has two bottom pieces to it and the more sportier one is what I wore that day, the green sport shorts. The plaid pattern of this swimsuit top is somewhat Preppy but the pearls definitely make it totally-preppy. And... a classic brimmed straw hat adds to this overall styling as well.

The second outfit was for a going-away deployment party for a Marine friend of ours which had a Western theme. I Prepped this outfit ensemble' by using a madras shirt I found in the Men's department of Belk that would coordinate with bluejeans and then of course adding my opera length strand of pearls, double-looped, at the collar line along with a wooden bead necklace. It was neat to go-Western earlier tonight since it has been a long time now from our western days when we lived out in Utah as literal ski bums and occasionally sported concho belts, cowboy boots and such.

And so, as we all well know... it's amazing how Prepped-out outfits can become when one adds some pearls into the ensembles isn't it?


  1. You must read my latest blog post! It's all about my pearls... Therefore, you picture on the beach in yours make me giggle.

  2. Oh FUN!!! I'll do that bevy :) Yeah, I put on these pearls for a little bit of humor while at the beach...what the heck eh?! LOL

    Best to you, Lachlan

  3. Hi Lachlan! I missed this post but I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE pearls too and it is a wonderful thing how much fun flair they can add to any outfit! You look great, hope you're having a great week!! xox

  4. Love the western hat! It suits you!

  5. Thanks V! :) I was missin' my ole' Park City, UT days wearin' this hat... such a fun party though to be able to dress-up western at least for a night.