Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Classically Prep Outdoors... ahh, Chaise Longues

Enjoying my cottage's chaise longue area on the side deck...
Classic black metal version just-like-our-grandparents' from Home Depot

A more contemporary-version offered up by Crate and Barrel

Brown wicker works "anywhere" so nicely; this one from Target's offerings

Oh, the comforts of lounging while out of doors... and oh, the comforts of chaise longues! Whether poolside, on a patio, porch, dock, tucked in a garden or at the end of a deck as it is with the cottage I have, chaise longues beckon an always-busy type-A person like myself to go ahead and yes indeed, lounge awhile.

For Preppies, the indoor/outdoor convergence of living has always been part n' parcel of a well enjoyed lifestyle. Here in the Lowcountry South it is not unusual for porches of all kinds both open and screened, dock houses, lattice rooms and sun rooms to be the most visited spots around houses. Part of it's influenced by the warmer weather, part of this is encouraged by water views but also a big part of this lifestyle is in how Southerners just love to gather and gab away in the fresh air. Any Southerner worth their salt has a bevvy of pitchers, trays, linen cocktail napkins, goblets and glasses at the ready for encouraging family, friends and visitors alike to "sit a spell" and "have a nice glass of iced tea, lemonade, sherry, wine or would you perhaps prefer a beer?" Just two nights ago I was sitting out on the screened porch of a neighbor where wine was passed around, stories shared and laughter lit up the atmosphere as much as the candles that were being lighted as the sun went down. What fun to then be able to walk back to my cottage under the moonlight seeing it touching the silvered waterway just beyond the trees.

And back at the cottage, one of my favorite places has become the chaise longue out on the side deck. I plunked a potted plant and candle on the table there and some early evenings it is just the spot to read awhile until dusk descends and then light the candle and sit out a bit longer.

Recently chaise longues have gone the way of outdoor grills. Such silly unnecessary upscaling with styles and prices as the concept of outdoor living has reached a consumerist-delight of "must have" for those folks I guess who have moved from over decorating their houses to now over decorating their outdoor areas. Fortunately there are still chaise longues available which are reasonably priced for those Preppies out there whose grandparent's black or white wrought iron chaise longues have finally gotten to the point of not being able to be used anymore.

Lounging in today's go-go, 24/7 wired culture can be easily seen as just being lazy. Yes, at times it is but other times it is an avenue of creativity, contemplation and or consolation as one gears oneself down into a restive calm that does wonders for the body and soul.

A fun book I have and enjoy picking up for time to time is one that I purchased as a joke to myself but actually have found a lot of applicable life-wisdom within: "How To Be Idle" by Tom Hodgkinson. It is written well and cleverly illustrated but most of all, I enjoy Hodgkinson's insights which resonate at times like, "Instead of going he decides to stay and simply be. The idler has a soul which requires contemplation.... Indeed, many of our wisest thinkers have counselled staying in. The lines at the opening of this chapter are from the classic of Chinese philosophy, the Tao Te Ching. [Which are] Without stirring abroad one can know the whole world."

This is intriguing to me: a person who adores traveling all around and discovering, experiencing and savoring different places and cultures. Inner-world traveling is something I am becoming more interested lately as well however and perhaps lounging on my deck's chaise longue will take me there.....


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  2. We just bought that exact same black metal chaise and table and chairs for our back deck... love, love, love them. (You can see them in this post: Now to get cute cushions for them!

  3. Hi bevvy! Oh, that's so NEAT....I bet they look terrific :) Have-fun cushion shopping!

    Best, Lachlan

  4. Thx V! I will try that once I get back from Phoenix...out here with James for the weekend. Brought out a buncha' swimsuits and plan to be poolside almost 24/7 haha for awhile starting tomorrow morning ;)

    Best to you, Lachlan

  5. There is no such thing as a chaise lounge.

    The term is chaise longue. It's French for long chair. The adjective follows the noun.

  6. Thanks for the correction- I appreciate it :) This is what happens when I trust a catalogue's spelling and am writing too late a night, haha...

    Thank goodness that this blog's a just-for-fun thing, wheh!

    Best, Lachlan