Tuesday, August 17, 2010

O Canada....where, oh where ARE your Preppies???

Possible Preppies...but... sporting earth-mother types of sandals?
Got cute cardigan top, got aviatior sunglasses...got... perhaps an actual Preppy sighting in Toronto??

Holding-up the Preppy standard of smart-casual while touring Toronto

This week I flew up to Canada for one whole day... to date it was the shortest international jaunt I've ever done and probably will ever do!

It was fun to meet-up with my James who had just finished sim training for a new jet he'll be flying passengers around in. I had never been to Toronto and so was quite game to gallivant on up there and have a whopping 4 whole hours to tour around the city and its waterfront areas. It actually turned out to be a really fun time with some nice surprises along the way in the form of tram riding, an artist-in-residence gallery where we chatted with some glass blowers, eating lunch in their version of Chinatown and happily running across a wonderful garden store in the middle of the historic distillery district's old brick buildings.

However, I think we were the only Preppies in-sight in all of Toronto!

Well, at least the only traditional-version of Preppy that I could espy in our running about for the afternoon. Toronto's amazingly casual for a big city. Casual to the degree of a look that says, "oh, I just tumbled out of my dorm room bed so don't mind me in my wrinkled jeans, old tee shirt and frowsy hair" attitudin'. And this er, um look was incredibly sported by all ages from young children to adults old enough to know better. Aside from the business people in their plain suits, a few well-dressed older Asian women and an assortment of folks who must be fading-hippies of the completely authentic kind, this uber casual styling was seen everywhere.

I was thinking, wow, I'll never get any pictures of anything remotely fashionable or vaguely Preppy until I ran across this woman and her friends who seem to be merging Preppy with their casual-outdoorsy sandals. And then this young woman whose cute top adds a bit of style to an otherwise unremarkable ensemble' excluding her classic aviator sunglasses but of course.

And then there was this other person popping into a garden shop who looked most like a Preppy but wait...oh, it's just actually me caught by a photo James snapped. Oh well, maybe all of the Toronto-townie Preppies just take August off and go somewhere like the Hamptons or Maine or wherever Canadian Preppies must be......

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