Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Has Preppy-gone-Benneton...an lifestyling advertisement for the 21st Century?

A photo from Tommy Hilfiger's 2010 Fall Fashion campaign... Preppy-gone-Benneton?

While in the airport on the way to Canada this week, I espied a recent issue of Vanity Fair with the word "Preppy" on its cover and immediately snatched it up. Yes, there it was inside... an overview excerpt about the new Preppy Handbook, True Prep that's coming our way soon and which I've already pre-ordered but of course!

www.vanityfair.com/society/features/2010/09/the-new-preppy-201009 The book excerpt article is titled "The Official Preppy Reboot"...

I laughed aloud about how, "every single one of us...owns a blue blazer" and chuckled over the, "Prep Travel Commandments." Also the section about, "Prep Careers for the New Millennium" was interesting but should have been expanded a bit more in my opinion with the myriad of career possibilities and personal sideline interests that are now out-there for people at this point in time. Should be neat to see what all's a part of this new version about Preppydom.

It also should be fascinating to see how people react to this book since it seems (from what I've seen so far) to have expanded itself far outside the WASP-parameters that defined the Traditional Preppy as so well defined by the original publication about all-things Preppy, The Official Preppy Handbook. Also in the Vanity Fair magazine was a large photo ad spread by Tommy Hilfiger which seemed to flow right into this new Prep-aesthetic: multi-generational, multi-cultural groups of Prepped-out folks tailgaiting around an old woody stationwagon. Kinda' "Benneton-goes-Preppified" so hmm....interesting.

Is this more of a "PC" kinda of rendering? Is this some smooth marketing campaign to homognize the Preppy look for lifestyling designers of fashion and home fashions alike? Is this a truer view of how Preppy is changing or, in the more traditional philosophy of Preppy, CAN Preppy ever really change?

Lots to think about as we all receive our pre-ordered True Prep books in the mail soon........

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