Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bright Spots in the midst of this cold, cold winter... Johnny Jump-Ups n' Such

Winter's flowers hanging-tough in the midst of freezing rainy days....
Outdoor flowers peering into the window at cozy houseplants inside....

Simple but winter-hearty are the planters over at the cottage....

This afternoon I went over to the cottage for the first time in two weeks... I had been missing my little serenity-spot and finally am "mobile" once again with being able to drive a car now that my back's on the mend. I didn't know what to expect after our freezing temperatures, freezing rain conditions as of late but I was so pleasantly surprised to see the Pansies and Johnny Jump-ups actually doing just fine within the few casual planters I have set out over here on the front porch.

I got a kick outta' the oranged-hued ones seeming to peer into the glass french doors of the porch at the cozy, warm houseplants, potted bulbs and an orchid I have clustered in one of the corners of the kitchen. It seemed a bit of outdoor envy at the obvious indoor advantages.

The ivy vines were a little worse for wear and the porch and its steps covered with dead leaves, spanish moss clumps and even a small tree branch stuck between a house wall and one of the garden chairs..... so I picked up as I could, swept a little bit and loved the puttering around outside the cottage despite the cold temperatures today and the rapidly waning sunshine.

Like so many of our sunsets, tonight's was a delicate pink- it was absolutely delightful watching it from the porch expand over the marsh and water beyond. SO nice to have a little break from the rain for the moment.

Rain's once again in the forecast as are cold temperatures but some flowers are hanging-tough ;)


  1. How nice it must have been to see the petals of these pretty little colorful flowers! I long for that, anything even a blade of green grass but its covered in almost 24 inches of really do make me happy and the rain sounds a lot better than snow!I am personally officially over winter, its been a loooong one and its far from over. I cannot wait to see flowers and grass again:)

  2. Yes, I soooo agree! If it's not a "skiable snow" type of winter, then winter need not apply eh? haha

    You and I my be "potting" grass seeds late next autumn into various cache pots about our houses for being sure we have a spot of green-grass to gaze upon even if it IS indoors ;)

    Best as always, Lachlan

  3. I love gardening, but I must admit, I don't do much of it during the winter months. I really should try my hand at some fall/winter vegetables. But i just know nothing about it. I enjoyed seeing your flowers. It has been so crazy cold here in PA this winter, I fear those little guys wouldn't have made it up here. But it does make spring all the sweeter, no?

  4. Hi Elizabeth! Yes, definitely....I agree that spring is all the sweeter after a long winter with precious little flowers in-view :) When we lived out in Park City, Utah I loooved it when finally, finally our daffodils and tulips would begin to rise on up outta' all of that snow and bloom either with snow still around or during the water-run-off months which were so muddy. It was always such fun to see those flowers then ;)

    Best to you and hang in there...hopefully this really, really cold n' challenging winter will be over sooner than later eh? -Lachlan