Monday, January 24, 2011

Monograms...Preppy Personalization Perfection!

Preppy-happy: A combination pearls and sterling monogram necklace!
Preppy comfy: a monogrammed pillow on the cottage's bed.

Preppy-practical: a marketing-tote kept handily by the door and...

also Preppy-practical, a tote-around-town refillable water bottle.

Oh, what dyed-in-the-wool Preppy doesn't just love monograms?!

The first monogrammed item I remember being truly-mine aside from my small sterling baby cup was a neat stationary set my aunt gave me one Christmas long ago when I was in the pre-teen stage of my life. It was the early 1980's and all-things-Preppy was trending hot as fire during then which, for my Preppy family, provided us with yet more things available out there fitting in oh so well with our lifestyle. I just loved, loved this pink and cream tiny-floral print stationary set embellished with SLC in a simple engraving at the top and the cards and envelopes contained in a matching folder that tied with a pink grosgrain ribbon.

Throughout the years to follow into the current present, some of my very favorite presents have been the ones which a thoughtful family member or friend had monogrammed for me.

On one of James' trips flying folks around in one a' those commercial jets of the airline he's with, he had an overnight stay up in Maine. He returned from there with a surprise present for me- what fun! A what a perfect present it was to receive and has been since to enjoy using....a large L.L.Bean white canvas tote bag with a blue crab print on it and my monogram above the crab. I keep it over on the island and during the summer, I keep it in my little Jeep stocked with some of my beach-bummin' paraphernalia since, on a whim and within two minutes on the island or fifteen minutes out to the great state park we have here, I can be out enjoying a beach.

Here are some pictures of monogrammed items that are "so me" beyond the monogram :) Especially the amazing sterling and pearl necklace that my dear girlfriend gave me this Christmas! Oh my! This was one of the best surprise gifts I've ever received...along with James' of course....I am surrounded by such thoughtful people and do indeed count my blessings. I soooo love this necklace and wear it a ton...and receive a ton of compliments on it whenever I do. And the gift of this gift is the person behind it and the big-sister-little-sister relationship we share supporting, encouraging and just having a lot of fun around one another.

Monogrammed gifts are such a treat and I hope that you've been treated in this way too :)


  1. Love anything with a monogram, bedding, towels, stationary, my clogs that I live that pearl necklace up there. How cute! Would love to know where I could find one!

  2. Oh what fun....monogrammed clogs!!! Okay, I'll trade-ya' info: where to get the necklace for where to get the clogs ;)

    The necklace is from Hand Picked and besides pearls, there are other beads, etc. you can order along with various sizes and styles of the sterling monogram so this can be personalized-galore'!

    Best to you as always and if you do get a necklace, I'd love to see it on your blog tsee what you chose to do- such fun, Lachlan

  3. You can't go wrong with pearls from Chanel to Jackie O!

  4. That's sooo true Spots and Stripes :) I totally agree and continually get so much style-inspiration from those great late, but still so relevant, fashion icons.

    Thanks for your post reply and all the best! Lachlan