Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hats the older Royal generation!

Sophie's got wonderfully-fashionable, royally-regal royal wedding style!

Something the younger-royals could definitely use a lesson on...obviously

Camilla's showing elegant restraint with her own turn of fashion-forward

The Queen is always, of course, pitch-perfect even in bright yellow....

As for the Middletons? Perfectly-proper, polished and downright regal

Hats off to the older generation of England's royals? Yes indeed!

Amazing enough, aside from Princess Anne (bless her decidedly unstylish heart) the elder royal women really showed some great classic hat style at The Royal Wedding while the younger generation's princessey gals...oh my, oh wow, oh ugh.

The younger royals were (I guess) trying to be more fashion-forward than usual in such a public setting as their generation's royal wedding was with its worldwide coverage but alas, unfortunately so many times this kinda' styling really ends up just being a buncha' fashion-foibles going on!

Unflattering into downright fascicle were the hat choices of Beatrice, Eugenie and Zara. One could make the argument that these hats added high-fashion into the usually quite traditional and staid "per usual" royal attire choices but they were just simply plain ole' tacky hats. That these young ladies are the daughters of Fergie and Anne who both continue to struggle along the road of personal style, well there's little surprise then about this eh?! So let's simply call it like it is however.......

......on the other hand, the hat choices of Sophie, Camilla and the latest royal in-laws, the refreshingly middle class Middletons, were not only elegant but also nicely fashionable.

My top-choice for Best Hat/Fascinator: the choice of Sophie, Countess of Wessex

My top-choice for Worst Hat/Fascinator: the choice of Princess Beatrice

My top advice for the young royal ladies is to actually take some actual-style fashion cues from some of their elders and yes, I never, ever thought I'd ever be saying, er actually typing this!


  1. I couldn't agree more... Sophie is my absolute favorite. Perhaps it's because I always had a crush on Edward!

  2. Hey bevy! I totally agree....Sophie may not make many headlines, thank goodness, but she's always seemed well-mannered, elegant, ever-appropriate and yet still has a "dash" about her that's so stylish :) She's my fave too! :)