Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kentucky Derby Hattin'...and Mint Julip Sippin'

Start with a festive floral-strewn hat on a bright, sunny afternoon...

...add-in hat-wearin' friends with their mint juleps at hand...

...and top with jockey-jersey inspired cookies ='s one GREAT Derby party!

What a really fun day today was with going over to a girlfriend's house to enjoy a wonderful Kentucky Derby Party with a bunch of great folks!

Both the women and even the men delighted in wearing hats, sipping mint juleps, snacking on incredible party foods and cheering our horses on...the hostess and host did a truly magnificent job... every detail was utterly perfect and the atmosphere such fun for everyone.

Above are a few of the party-pics snapped with my Blackberry which show that yes, indeed, Americans too can wear festive hats as much as those English wedding-goers do, haha! No one sported a "fascinator" however. It seems flowers in the hair or tucked behind an ear we can enact with style but those odd growth-looking things sprouting from the heads and even the front of foreheads like alien attachments, er... us Yanks will just leave those to um, Princesses Eugenie, Beatrice and their bunch.

May "hats be back" in style once again, yes indeed!

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