Saturday, April 30, 2011

If India Hicks and Lilly Pulitzer co-designed a hotel room...

Ready to move into this tropically-stylish yet still-elegantly modern room:

An India Hicks with dashes of Lilly Pulitzer kinda' hotel!

Two balconies facing the ocean makes this twice-as-nice to hang around

Your's-truly putting her Preppy self right on into the setting here....

...and not wanting to leave this spa-like bathroom either, ahh, so nice...

If the lifestyle design houses of India Hicks and Lilly Pulitzer designed a hotel room together I think that it may have turned out to be something akin to the wonderful room James and I stayed in at the Hyatt Resort in Key West...

We really enjoyed the vibe of this room with its two balconies looking out onto the harbor!

Our room was a combination of classic-elegant minimalism touched with a cool modern elan' such as India Hicks designs inspire while also dolloped with the casual fun tropical brights rendered in whimsical prints which is of course the long-standing styling mantra of Lilly Pulitzer.

What is pitch perfect for one island life styling may not be for another's...however, for the environs of Key West, this style combination was just utterly perfect!


  1. You are so right....that looks like a blending of their two styles..looks wonderful. Oh Key West sounds soooo good right now! Enjoy.

  2. Thanks enchanted home :) Key West was soooo wonderful...we just got back in from our FL-Keys trip and I just wanted to stay n' stay in this hotel room which was a great combination of being literally just a few steps-away from the beach and boat docks then, turning the other direction, just steps away from getting into the historic downtown section with all its vibrancy as well.

    Best as always, Lachlan

  3. Looks heavenly. And Lilly + India = a very chic, preppy design duo!