Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finally...a spot of Family-Zen-Time after so much "Busy"...ahh!

Combining some Zen-time with Family-time out on our island last night...
My-boys on the dock...can you find ole' Kanon amidst the tree fringe?
I toast this moment of beachy "just-being" with what's left of my wine

Busy is usually seen as "good" but sometimes busy is just, well, plain ole' busy.

Last month was far too busy than I would have liked it to have been that's for sure. In our post-modern, globalized and Internet-integrated world now everything's so interconnected that the proverbial Work Life Balance is truly difficult to seek maintaining actual balance within...

And I'm not complaining at all about this since so much of what makes my life, my family's life and probably your life too of course is a whole lotta' good and/or productive busy-ness. Last month I was overwhelmed with lots of good things going on: work, writing, volunteer work and charity gala's, church, times with friends, household organization projects, back rehab and wonderful yoga sessions, a weekend with my aunt and uncle out on another island etc etc. And there were also less-fun things going on as well, having to be dealt with also. March was BUSY!

However, one of the great lessons life has taught me along the journeying of it is that we can indeed pull-back, re-shift or just snatch some batches of "Zen-time" in the midst of all our busy days, weeks, months and years. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and planning and other times, it simply is an awareness we tap into right-now and facilitate like.......yesterday evening.

Last night after coming home from work, James and I quickly changed our clothes to what we call our island-casual togs, put our dog in the truck with us and headed over to another side of this island to walk along the beach and watch the sunset drop behind the marsh and far tree line with a friend and his dog as well. We all had our glasses of wine in hand and lingered over those plus lingered within the warm breezes coming off the ocean water. Kanon and Cotton blissfully played and explored as only big ole' dogs can do as we humans chatted and walked along behind them. It was the calm-moment at the week's end that we all so very much needed.

Sometimes it feels like, whether out on an island or living within a big city or suburb, there are simply not enough times like these: these Zen-like moments of peace, calm and "just being" happening in our daily lives.

Since moving here into this lowcountry island environment taking on the very stressful duty of caregiving for my late mother and now helping out with my father n' running two households, I've actively tried to instill more of this "stillness" within my schedule, within our days being spent here but some months such as last month literally take me fully up into its busy swirl.

However, when the planned, unplanned or just-now-happening moments of blissful being DO happen, they are all the more delightful it seems when they haven't been happening much lately......

Here's hoping you too enjoy some "just being" times in the near future!


  1. Looks like a fabulous's to hoping more zen time is in the near future, for all of us!

  2. Thanks LC and to you too...more Zen-times for sure this spring for everyone ;)

    We're getting ready later on this month to head down to the FL Keys and I was thinking after writing this post that I'm so-glad James and I did a lot of traveling last year and are doing more "r n' r" beach trips this year, wheh!

    This may be my gear-down n' rest more year after all....

    Best, Lachlan

  3. Lachan, I will definitely try and have more Zen-time this year. I am inspired by your attitude.
    I also realized that you were not on my blog roll, so I changed that.

  4. Thanks Bumby for both enjoying my Zen-ish attitude and for adding me to your blog roll...I appreciate it :) and will add your site to mine as well.

    I so enjoyed your thoughts about pearls n' the South!

    Best to you, Lachlan