Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snapshots from a Southern Wedding...20 Years Ago

Here comes the bride...
Here poses her handsome Groom...
Here they are having so much fun at their wedding!
Here they are taking their wedding vows as the sun sets at 7:30 p.m.
Here's the BEST bridesmaids a bride could wish for!
Here's the partaking of a southern pound cake wedding cake, yum.
Here's confetti and streamers being tossed their way as they...
...take their leave by horse drawn carriage at midnight- 20 years ago today.

Later on today....since it's just turned midnight...much later on today I am taking James to a surprise-location for spending the day n' night near where we live for his anniversary gift. Lunch, dinner, a midnight-snack small picnic basket I've packed and just plain ole' relaxin'-around is on tap for celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

We jumped-the-gun on weeks in Paris and Hawaii last year which, in retrospect, was actually the year to do those trips since this spring's seen my back problems linger and it's very difficult for me to travel now least not fly for hours at a time. At the end of this month we're heading down to Key West for awhile so that'll be great but as for tomorrow, I thought that "playing laid-back tourist" around our cute historic downtown area would be a lot of fun and so little stress.

Hope you enjoyed these wedding pictures of us looking soooo young all those years ago.....such fun to pull them out again and have such wonderful memories of April 6th, 1991!


  1. So touching to see a couple still so in love..a beautiful tribute to your marriage. When its a happy one, its a true blessing and I too feel blessed. Your anniversary sounds picture perfect and Key West is always a great old fashioned feeling kind of a trip..love it there.

  2. Thank you so much :) I so appreciate that and it's good to hear that Key West will be a fun place to bum around in...we've never been there before so we're really excited about it! I adore cottage-architecture and cottagey-gardening and have seen lots of wonderful photos of such from Key West so along with visiting Hemingway's house, I'm planning on going cottage-spotting some while we're down there :) plus do some fishing, snorkeling and sittin-on-the-beach as well....

    Will post some pictures for sure of our Key West time coming up!

    Best to you, Lachlan

  3. Twenty years! What a tribute to the love you and James share... Here's to twenty more! :)

  4. Congratulations! What a tremendous accomplishment in this day and age to be so proud of! Can't wait to see your key west pics. enjoy!

  5. Thanks so much and I'll definitely post Key West pics... work has been so busy lately that I'll be soooo ready for kickin' back down there, ahh :)

    Best to you, Lachlan

  6. Thank you bevy! :) Yes, definitely 20 more years...am looking forward to spending it with my-James... Who knows what adventures await us!

    Appreciate the congrats and all the best to you as always, Lachlan