Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flowers from the new yard

One of the nicest things about this new house for us has been the amount of flowers blooming in the yard and its small garden areas.

All spring I have been able to keep vases full of first snowdrops then daffodils then a variety of roses and azaleas soon followed by white, yellow and orange lilies and come the roses again!

We no longer have the raised-beds pottagers garden which we so enjoyed out on the island however, I have put-in a small potted herb garden which is doing quite nicely at the moment.  A southern gal absolutely needs fresh mint springs for her iced tea at the very least eh?!

In the kitchen I have a large sunny spot for my various orchids which is nice: we put a bakers rack up against one of the bay windows and the orchids are thriving there.  There are still a few scattered about the house but for the most part, I have finally found a "home" for my orchid-tending.

Down the road from us is a wonderful local nursery with loads of beautiful plants and elegant planters, fountains n' such.  I picked up a few seasonal flowers and vines to add-to the large front porch planter urns perched at the top of the brick stairway and also to use in the planters dotted about out on the back porch's spread out areas.

James has always said that even if we lived in a mud hut, I'd find a way to have flowers in it.....

This new yard and its gardens are more "landscaped" than I prefer but there's always a way to place punches of color n' whimsy around in the form of pretty pots amid so many flowers already a' bloomin' around this place as we're moving and settling in.

Flowers all around, yes please and thank you!

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