Thursday, October 4, 2012

Prettier than a growing mountain of moving boxes...

Not wanting to leave readers with a dull photo snap of moving boxes...

....until I get to really-blogging-again, here's a picture of one of our late-blooming gardenias plopped into a vase on a side table in the living room which is much prettier to look at than copious squares n' rectangles of cardboard :)

As is evident, we're southern-traditionalists when it comes to interior design and decorating.  This is mainly due to having family items we're enjoying which have been passed along generation to generation but also is due to the fact that (as all of us Preppies well know) true Preppies are traditional, not obsessed over decorating/redecorating and enjoy the inherent frugality of family-used furniture, paintings, rugs and such. 

There's currently very little New and Exciting out there I feel the need to add into our house's interior.

Many of my girlfriends seem entranced by the almost acid-brights of Tory Burched-like Geometrics being found as painted surfaces and prints on everything from huge decorative hallway mirrors to metal wastebaskets for bathrooms.  Personally, I can see these being fun for pre-teens and teenager's bed and bath areas but for me at least, I think they're a bit-much when found in other parts of houses unless... they are part of the whit n' whimsy of someone's light, bright Caribbean getaway cottage.

Another trending going on that I'll let others spend their money on is this New Modern Revisiting.  Less 1970's Halston and more like Bill Blass-on-an-uptick, I find its English-farmhouse-plain-NYC-loft-purposing-RennovationHardware-cataloguing-with-dashes-of-bright-modern-artwork mix up frankly confusing.  Not sure what all is going on with this cobbled together stylizing.  I'll pass...

The older I get, the more it seems to me that house interiors work best when they're the background for relaxed living and comfortable entertaining.  I tire so easily now with "forced" interior statements.  When I find myself within a house like that, I'm already ready to get back to my own space or at the very least, get outside to the porch, dock, garden where one can breathe a bit better.

Early in my adulthood, I used to add-into our home needlepoint pillows, small porcelain boxes and silver picture being into my middle-age years, I mainly bring in a few books and plants.

The three E's: editing, easy-elegance and experiencing-enoughness have become my middle-aged mantra.


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