Thursday, October 4, 2012

Final Moving-in...last of the moving boxes will lead to blogging-once-again

Hello Dear Readers!

I really thought that I'd be "right back into" lots of Prepperly blogging away this summer but our moving-in processes have seemed to just stretch out endlessly amidst both of our career hours also stretching themselves out to keep us overly-occupied about 24/7 each week.

Sleep and rest became almost non existent so writing anything became completely non existent.

Fortunately, that is changing this month of October!

I am fortunate enough to be able to retire from over two decades of being in business management into the semi-retirement of part-time merchandising for the same company.  My work days are now limited to 29 hours a week which, to me, is akin to being on vacation. 

My husband and I looked into what this holiday season was shaping up into for managers of the company I work with and we made the decision that I needed to step away from all of this pre-holidays.  Caregiving for a parent takes up a good bit of my time already and is our top priority.

Sooo I'm now, as of this week, a semi-retired international-pilot's-wife and LOVING IT!!!!

This week James is home and I'm at-home so much more and so we're doing the final unpacking of moving boxes today and may head off to our farm for the weekend.  Yes, I have weekends again! 

I'm looking forward to posting about the upcoming holiday season, Preppy trends, Southern lifestyling and alla' that wonderfully good stuff....tune in next week....I'll really be posting once again.

Best to you all as always, Lachlan

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