Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Seasons showcase Preppy Traditionalism

A very Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to all of my readers this 2012!

What a year, or should I say two years, of lifestyle/location transitioning it's been for me and my family but we're FINALLY on the end of all this process and beginning to enjoy daily living once again most especially with unpacking, organizing and then putting up all our Christmas decorations!

Bringing out ornaments made by my grandmother, mother and myself, the porcelain nativity set and choir boys figurines hand painted by my great aunt, needlepoint stockings used decade after decade and so forth... I am reminded at how much the holiday season resonates with a "several generations' traditionalism" inherent in a true Preppy's life reality.

Not for the Preppy is changing up decorations and decor' by theme or individual whimsy every year or at whim.  Neither would they gift to Goodwill or the trash can something old and perhaps a bit dusty or evidencing patina-by-time wear which has had a pride of place on the family home's mantle generation after generation.  Holiday trimmings have to be truly decrepit before they're sadly bagged-up and taken away from the house and the lives which have enjoyed them. 

Years ago, I began a tradition of doing a small "Bird Tree" after finding 3 antique glass bird ornaments in their original box which dates back to the early 1900's.  I can just imagine my Great Grandmother Birdie (yes, her real name) whose painting of birds we have here in our house, lovingly placing these upon her Christmas Tree all those years ago in Savannah.  Now I do the same here in Savannah with the garden-urn-potted Bird Tree I set up in its pride of place in our dining room's window. Both the context and continuity of this warms my heart each new December....

Here's to Preppy Prettiness abounding within the homes this holiday season who celebrate not only the season here n' now but also seasons past!

Best to you all during this season of love, hope, joy and...yes, traditionalism- Lachlan



  1. Glad to see you back, and pleased to hear you're settling into your new surroundings! Everything looks beautiful. Hope you're having a very festive season!

  2. Thanks John and to you and your's too! I've missed posting quite a bit this past year but am looking forward to getting back into it...

    All the best from here, Lachlan