Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Preppy Christmas Decor' IS... and ISN'T

There are many ways, traditions, inspirations and cultural influences not to mention, intentional statement making as well, which go into how people go about decorating for the holiday season and Christmas.

Personally, I find it all fascinating...the differences and dynamics that direct individuals and families to decorate the way they do.  From elegant to tacky, it's all festive to me!

Obviously, the look that's always been around my houses through the years is uber-traditional which translates naturally into one heck of a Preppy Christmas occurring again and again...which is exactly the way we Preppies in my family like it.

The following is a tongue-in-cheek rundown listing of What IS and What ISN'T Preppy Christmas Decor' for your holiday amusement:

Preppy Decor' IS: White Lights outdoors and occasionally Multi-Color Lights indoors
Preppy Decor' ISN'T: Multi-Color (or any color) Lights outdoors

IS:  Greenery Garlands &Wreaths with or w/o tiny white lights, french-wired bows
ISN'T: Big Plastic Blow-up Santas, Snowmen and such

IS:  One's own arranged Fresh Greenery, Berry n' Branches Sprigs, Flowers
ISN'T:  FTD-look Floral Centerpieces

IS:  Red, Green, Gold and Silver
ISN'T:  any other colors besides the four listed above

IS: Clove-studded Citrus Fruits
ISN'T: Plastic Fruits

IS: Ornaments from World Travels
ISN'T: Ornaments from Disney World

IS: St.Nicholas figurines or images in small doses for-the-kids
ISN'T: Commercial-Santa, Snowmen, The Grinch, Teddy Bears and so on

IS: Sprigs of Greenery placed over large portraits and at the tops of grandfather clocks
ISN'T: Tinsel Garlands placed anywhere

IS:  Poinsettias, potted Amaryllis and Paperwhites, White Orchid plants
ISN'T: Christmas Cactus and any houseplant which has been ornamented or bowed

IS:  Needlepoint Stockings
ISN'T: Non-Needlepoint Stockings

IS: Traditional Nativity Sets
ISN'T: Non-Traditional Nativity Sets most-especially those featuring cartoon characters

IS: Christmas Cards placed in a basket or on a silver tray for casual perusal
ISN'T: Christmas Cards utilized as actual decor' being hung around a door frame

And so forth and so on.......

What's "Prep and Non-Prep" is but of course part n' parcel within Christmas Decor' as well as pertaining to anything else in a Preppy's life.

Have fun decorating this month and a Merry Preppy Christmas to my fellow traditionalists out there!

Best as always, Lachlan

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