Monday, November 15, 2010

Autumn Inspiration...A Merry Mix of Burgundy, Reds and Pinks!

Burgundy...Red...Pink...blended into a color tone mix that's Autumn + Holiday

Magazine, catalogue pages and even a book with this color-blend going on...

My own lifestyle color blend grouping of Burgendy-Red-Pink...even the phone!

Kinda' sounds like a wine list doesn't it? Burgundy, Reds and, yummy but actually these are the color tones which are really catching my eye this fashion, home decor', life styling and gardening season.

Much like a Preppy madras, plaid or whimsical patterns compliments of Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley and yes, occasionally a Brooks Brother's tie, this juxtaposition of warm tones is both beautiful and eye catching at the same time. It has definitely been something I've noticed again and again this autumn.

They're not colors I'd automatically put together in a room, outfit or floral arrangement and yet, gosh, they really work well when... chosen well...because there are burgundies, reds and pinks and then there are burgundies, reds and pinks.

The tones of these colors which are the ones that work so well together are: a deep-wine burgundy, a dark-glossy red and clear, peony-hued pink.

A burgundy like this is reminiscent of elegance, sophistication and old world Europe. A red like this connotes a sense of timelessness, strength and Americana. A pink like this effuses an atmosphere of femininity, flirty cheerfulness and the everyday-pretty of Southern Belles.

One thing I've noticed with this particulr blending is that it's usually complemented by cream, buttery yellow, browns, taupes and even shimmery champagne and golden tones. Very unexpected and quite lovely when espied among the apparel, decorative items, linens, interiors, catalogues and magazines all around us this fall as the months turn cooler and the holidays fast approach.

I realized that this color-blending had literally struck-home the other afternoon when I was over at our cottage sitting on the sofa. All around me were items which had these hues within them either singly, doubled-up or all together and like a light bulb turning on, it dawned on me that, wow, this is a trend that really resonates with me...obviously!

Above are some photos highlighting this as well as my grouping on the table for a picture, many of the items from the sofa-sitting-epiphany. The table collage includes the following: tweed jacket by Madison from Belk, necklace from Talbots, small round red leather box from our Paris spring trip, pages about flowers for the home from an opened "Occassions" by Kate Spade book, Traditional Home and Vogue magazines, "Fashion Makeover" book picked up at Tuesday Morning recently, silk embroidered pillow, my red leather date book with faux crocodile skin texturing, Estee' Lauder Double Wear eyeshadow creme in Vintage Violet and shimmer lip loss in Plum Divine, Blackberry Curve phone in Fuscia and finally, Wet n' Wild's nailpolish in Mauve Frost that I bought on a whim and now absolutely love paring with burgundy-toned and brown clothes especially.

"Happy Autumn Into The Holidays" everyone and here's to the warmth and beauty of burgundy, red and pink gracing our atmospheres this year and perhaps as a soon-to-be-classic-blend for many years to come!


  1. I love these colors together! Even if I can't seem to put them together myself!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  2. Hey there and yes, I agree...they're hard to put together for sure unless already in a fabric or print eh? I can't believe how much I am seeing these color tones together out-there but am absolutely loving it, such fun!

    Best to you as always, Lachlan