Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Know It's A Southern Lowcountry Preppy Holiday Season When...

Yes, you know it's a Southern Lowcountry Preppy's Holiday Season when...

  • "Merry Christmas Y'all" embroidered linen hand towels surface in guest bathrooms

  • Magnolia leaves are gilded with gold paint and used profusely when decorating

  • Winter-coats are thin quilted vests by Barbour and Talbots

  • Winter boots consist of Wellies, one's riding boots and black dressy-heeled versions

  • Tartan, especially family tartans, is the pattern-of-choice in decorating and clothing

  • There's a kilt or two being worn to the midnight Christmas Eve church service

  • Suburbans and station wagons sport small evergreen wreaths wired onto their front grills

  • Potted Amaryllis and Narcissus sit next to vases of freshly cut flowers from the yard

  • Every other gift being put under the tree has a monogram somewhere on it

  • Guns for sport shooting are being polished-up as much as is the silver

  • Needlepoint stockings are being hung up on the mantle or the dining room's sideboard

  • A "Tasting Table" is being set up to house whatever small edible gifts come one's way

  • The ever-present small bar with cut crystal decanters is being utilized more than usual

  • The Christmas Cotillion season is commencing

  • One's social schedule also includes oyster roasts as well as in-town cocktail parties

  • There are less events planned for the children and much more for adults of all ages

  • Babysitters are in high demand during evening after evening and all weekends as well

  • Most of the "bling" on women comes from inheriting their greatgrandmother's baubles

  • Men dust off their old tux yet once again and try to polish up very well-worn dress shoes

  • Bottles of wine or huge bouquets gathered from the garden are hostess gifts

  • Heading to the beach or going out to the dock is the way to de-stress during the holidays

  • Most shopping is done locally and takes awhile since literally everyone knows one another

  • Poinsettias are ordered for church decor and also for placing out in the family graveyard

  • Claims of having a fruitcake receipe that actually-tastes-good run rampant

  • Chasing a piece of fruitcake with sherry, Madeira or scotch is a well-known survival tool

  • Pine cones, greenery and red berries grace interiors of houses however...

  • ...scads of sea shells & untreated Spanish Moss with its tiny bugs are only used by tourists n' transplants: bless their "all too eager to blend-in" hearts

  • Seafood dishes are as part of the menu as is the more traditionally-considered holiday fare

  • Stocking stuffers for adult males include a box of shotgun shells

  • Stocking stuffers for adult females include something glittering in a tiny jewelry box

  • Stocking stuffers for male children include a small sailor's knots how-to book

  • Stocking stuffers for female children include one piece of her sterling flatware's pattern

  • Stocking stuffers for the eldest family matriarch are small bottles of her favorite "spirits"

  • Adults sit in the dining room for holiday meals and children are relegated to their own children's-table made out of bridge card tables or put into whatever kitchen seating works

  • Nativity Pageants and Christmas Morning are when the children are the main attraction, er attention

  • After Christmas Day festivities, there's a boat ride, shoot, beach or woods walk scheduled

  • Apres' Holiday Season, Father retreats to the family farm, Mother goes on a Girls'-trip somewhere either much colder (skiing) or much warmer (tropical isles) and the children are sent back to school with much relief.


  1. Ate oysters at a roast the day after Thanksgiving, and Mike and I will be attending the St. Andrews Society Tartan Ball in Columbia this Saturday after Daddy returns from a deer hunt with the boys at our cousin's plantation near Walterboro. The season is getting off to a great start!

  2. LOVE IT bevy!!! :) Ya'll are absolutely perfect representatives of exactly what this kind of holiday season is for Southern Lowcountry Preppies! So truly excellent.....ahh....

    One of these days you and I will hafta' meet up since we do have so much in common- neat!

    Enjoy the season and all the best to you as always, Lachlan