Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Parties...Preppy Past and Preppy Present

Old-School Preppy Holiday Party Attire... My parents in Savannah circa mid-1960's
New-School Preppy Holiday Party Attire...when Lowcountry Islander living

The GREAT Plaid Taffeta party skirt I bought from Talbots I'm determined to wear somewhere this holiday season...even if made-casual with a black turtleneck n' tall black boots

For decades and for many of my married years up until recently, going to Holiday Parties meant a whole lotta' dressing up.

Taking up a large section of my closet literally from childhood until James and I moved ourselves out to a mountainside miner's cottage in Utah to be ski bums and then on out here onto a tiny island were... a bevvy of party frocks and later on evening gowns n' cocktail dresses along with dress shoes, evening bags and such. Jewel tones, taffeta, velvets, lace and the like predominated. I've always so loved the dressier aspects of living out life and so getting ready for parties has always been such a pleasure for me.

At the moment however (and actually for the past seven years) we're living within an uber-casual place. Both this island and the general small coastal town area we live in is a place where one can be over-dressed in a heartbeat. I tend to be that person. It's actually difficult at times for me to go completely-casual unless I'm involved in some outdoorsy activity. It is very difficult for me to dress Lowcountry Casual whenever I'm headed out to a party around here in December.

Yes, there's been a few shindigs where I've happily donned a "pretty party dress" and James has either been suited-up or at least sporting the classic navy blue blazer, button down skirt n' a tie and kacki pants with black leather belt and loafers and...his family crest ring but of course. And every Christmas Eve service, I love wearing my family tartan in a kilt with a silk blouse, pearls, black cashmere cardigan sweater, black hosiery and pumps or my dressy black boots. I miss the Charity Ball and Savannah Cotillion gala's however we're just not involved in those at this present time in our lives. What I'd give to be able to don a beautiful ballgown once again!

This year's holiday parties are all casual events so I'm trying my best to tone down my party attire and limit the sparkle n' "pretty" to a scarf or pin or heck, even just eyeshadow with a subtle glimmer ;) Ahh....yes, one of these days perhaps we'll return to a more formal lifestyle n' setting within which I'll sparkle, sparkle away but until then...I think I'll remain er, overdressed.


  1. I have many a dressy holiday skirts that I would love to wear, but would be way out of place. I have a Christmas tartan taffeta skirt that is so 1989 that I would love to don this Christmas. And my black velvet skirt would also be festive. I remember as a child, my parents would wear formal attire to the company Christmas parties because it was the thing to do. Now people are lucky to have on nice cords. Oh to return to those days.

  2. Hi Tammy! I hope u do wear that tartan skirt this holiday season...we need more polished Preppies out there holding up the elegant attire style torch :) Thx for your reply and Happy Holidays to you! Best, Lachlan

  3. I ran across the Talbots skirt the other day. LOVE IT! I may, however, have to throw my own party to justify its purchase!

  4. Thanks Southern H and H for your reply post and I hope that you do indeed throw a party to wear this skirt festively...what fun! Best, Lachlan