Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Snowy Preppy White Christmas...indeed!

Ah, it's a Preppy Pastoral scene indeed: this White Christmas wonderland!
It's complete with a backyard stable and peacefully pretty!

It's smiles all around...James, Lachlan and yes, even ole' Max as well ;)

 My Sis-in-law is sporting a festive red hat as well as one of the horses too! Fun

Merry Christmas greetings to everyone from where we are up here in the wonderfully snowy environs of North Carolina! What a treat to have a wintery wonderland for this Christmas weekend.
Such a Preppy Setting with alla' this beautiful holiday-festive snowfall, a big brick white columned house, lots of land around and a stable with frisky horses ;) Perfect!

It's not very often that James and I can make it up to his parent's place and especially so during the holidays so this was a treat we were so looking forward to.

The horses were quite funny with this snowfall... we had a blast watching them playing within it. And so, I'm posting a few pictures of them for your enjoyment plus one of the Ivy's house and driveway's Bradford Pear trees dolloped with heaping doses of snow.

And, but of course, my faithful lightweight Barbour coat and Burberry scarf kept me warm n' cozy while my old pair of brown leather boots kept my feet dry.

What I really wished for this weekend however was my ole' cross country skiing ensemble' that I'd put to such good use all those teenage and college-aged winter seasons when we were living up in Wisconsin. I loved looking out one of the windows in my bedroom up there in the 1890's farmhouse my parents were having renovated to see fresh snowfall on the ground during the weekend. Ah, this meant that I could literally throw on my Nordic ski sweater and heavy corduroy knee-banded skiing culotte pants, grab my cross country skis, ski shoes and poles plus a ski hat, gloves and down jacket vest and.... putting on my skis, ski from our front yard on into the park that was right off of Lake Michigan just down from our house. Absolutely loved that!

I've kept up with downhill skiing over the years but haven't been cross-country skiing in a long time......

Best to everyone from where a little bit of snow is still falling tonight!

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