Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Season Musings...balls and ballgowns part two

 Standing with my parents at The Cotillion Club ball in Savannah, GA in December of 1987

For some reason, I couldn't get the picture of Mother, Daddy and I to post into the previous post tis'....

Posing with my parents right before my debut with The Cotillion Club of Savannah....

It was such a neat evening with both of my brothers as my posts, James III and Wylly and my presenter being my favorite fun uncle Johnny. Grandparents and my Uncle Ralston and Aunt Kate were also in attendance and we all danced and danced the night away until finishing up with a very delicious midnight buffet breakfast.

The next day we all dragged ourselves out of bed for an oyster roast at a nearby plantation and so the debut season went well on into the new year in our part of the Lowcountry...southern hospitality extraordinarily magnificent to be sure!

Still so loving all the oyster roasts we attend around here and James and I are gearing up to help host a big one this coming February but I'm still wishing for one more good excuse to don an honest to goodness real ballgown one more time ;) Maybe one of my nieces will be up to this sometime in the future- the oldest one is just 10 as of now. What fun it'll be for her Aunt Lac to be in a ballgown once again eh? hahaha, oh yeah...

Happy Holiday season to you all and...Happy New Year too! All the best, Lachlan

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