Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, The Life Of A Preppy Dog...

A Preppy Dog...yawns as he finishes "helping" with wrapping Christmas gifts
...settles down to snooze away on an antique sofa and designer pillow

...turns the other direction for optimal sofa-snoozing but of course

...then wakes himself up to play throw-the-tennis-ball with his Grandpa who also had been snoozing (don't worry, it was warm in the house- my father always layers 24/7 like crazy)

Tonight I got the biggest chuckle out of watching our dog Kanon move around "his favorite spot" which just happens to be the antique sofa passed down on my mother's side of the family...

My grandmother slept here many an evening when it was in the living room of her house in Savannah and I'm frankly not sure what she would think knowing that a big ole' Doberman chose this now as his personal spot to enjoying both snoozing on and watching football games on the television along with his Grandpa and of course James and I as well.

Earlier this evening, Kanon was er, "assisting me" shall we say with some Christmas gift wrapping going on which had me sitting on one end of the sofa wrapping up presents and him either pouncing paws onto rolled-out wrapping paper or having a fun time pulling at ribbons. It took me twice as long to wrap but we had twice the fun!

After I had wrapped up the wrapping for the evening and tucked the materials to the side, then Kanon decided that it was time to nap in front of the football game we were watching.

He yawned quite a bit, spread out on the sofa, accepted the pillow I tucked under his head and then...about an hour later...dragged the pillow over to the other end of the sofa where he turned around three times and scrunched himself down in the opposite direction for yet more zzzing.

Finally, as the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, Kanon decided that he'd had enough resting and began to play throw-the-tennis-ball with ole' Grandpa.

It's a wonderful life and a wonderful dog's life out here as well so it seems ;)

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