Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alice....a wonderland full of Preppy Stylin' circa early 1990's

I am a big fan of Woody Allen movies and so why it's taken me until this evening to finally watch, "Alice"...I have no idea!

Can I just state outright that if this isn't what I looked like in my young adulthood then I don't know what would be any closer: the bobbed haircut with bangs and headband, the pearls and big-pearl-earrings, the boxy Chanel-styled coat tops, the bows, bangle bracelets and boiled wool hats...oh yes indeedy!

The scenes of New York City, spas, boutiques and the interior of Alice's sister's place plus all the great jazz tunes playing in the background...double-yes. Even her change-up of lifestyle where she does volunteer work, dresses more sporty and lives more simply but still Preps-out...yes, yes!

There's always something to take-away from a Woody Allen film that's for sure but with this one, for me at least, is was less something new than something recognizable and I found this enchantingly wonderful to watch this evening.

An aside about all that jazz music: something I've been watching lately whuch has been on PBS...special after special about jazz. Ken Burn's overview of the history of Jazz in America was fascinating but I tell ya', just soo purely magical was listening to the "In Session" studio jamming between Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King: WOW and double-Wow!!! They were a' working more of the Blues with this but that's a close second to my enjoyment of jazz...
I miss a good local jazz club but occassionally I catch a concert here at the USCB performing arts center and of course pop into clubs while traveling around. Two of my favorite jazz memories: with my James at NYC's The Blue Note during a Latin Jazz night and with my brother James and friends in Manchester Lane of Melbourne, AU for a long amazing evening of jazz, dancing and laughing our heads off all the while...anyway, occassionally on tv there's actually really good programming to enjoy: intellectual, cultural, arts and societal, gosh, go figure! heh heh ;)

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