Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prep-Americana...American Styling, oh so Patriotically

Americans hold their flag up high...Preppies do this too plus wear red, white and navy blue year-round
Ralph Lauren's American flag jacket patch with Americana-fashions featured in his 2010 Collection.

Patriotic fashion-styling in classic American red, white and blue... jean, Tommy Hilfiger style from his 2010 collection.

Another stylish interpretation of Americana colors n' fabrics from Tommy Hilfiger, 2010.

Patriotic Preppy to a tie, er "t"... Former President George H. W. Bush!!

There's no doubt at all that in the world of Preppies, we sport just a bit of Americana styling.

Perhaps the best renditioning of this can be found within Ralph Lauren's interpretations of all things elegantly American: from western cowboys n' indians style looks to northeast nautical offerings to military vibes, cotillion couture and assorted collegiate inspired fashioning...

Other designers and lifestyle designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade and so on also bring forth Americana into personal fashion expression from their clothing lines to their linen collections and accessory pieces. Then there's the stalwart preppy purveyors like Brooks Brothers, L.L.Bean, Talbots etc. where a dash of red, white and navy blue can be espied beyond the Fourth of July in flag prints, geometric patterns, florals and stripes.

Born-To Preppies well know about Patriotism as for generations it's highly likely that someone within the family served as an officer in the military. West Point, The Citadel, Annapolis, aka the United States Naval Academy, are in the Preppy vernacular just as much as various Ivy League institutions, women's colleges and boarding schools are...

Since Preppy IS born of America, of course it stands to reason that anyone who is a Preppy should obviously be patriotic towards the country within which this lifestyle has developed. There are all versions of "Preppy" within our nation from the northeast to the southeast and some areas inbetween but overall, we are classic American to the core and our Preppy poster-boy has been and will always be Former President George H. W. Bush. A gentleman always and ever a class act...even if he has become friendly towards Bill Clinton over the past few years. The stark contrast between these two former presidents' backgrounds, family life, personal actions, cultural leanings and influences and so on is staggering enough not least their collaborative post-presidency friendship but that's a blog post perhaps for another day.

Suffice it to say that if one is looking for a Patriotic Preppy in terms of demeanor, style, lifestyle and personal valor displayed during his service in WWII, his presidency and's hard to find anything better than the example set by George H. W. Bush.

Here's to our Veterans, Soldiers, Stylists of Americana and favorite Preppy Former President on this Veteran's Day of November, 11th 2010....and... here's ultimately to the United States of America!


  1. Did you see George Herbert Walker on Oprah's interview with Bush last week? They interviewed Barb and him up in was fab. Bush was even tearing up talking about how much he loved his dad.


  2. Oh, I missed this and was really wanting to see it but how wonderful to hear about our-guy doing a great interview and feeling so close to his father...thanks so much for letting me know this :)

    P.S. I LOVE your posts lately about plaid and have meant to comment but I have a new-ish small notebook computer that can bounce the screen-scrolling literally around a lot so that's kept me from doing much however, I'm out here tonight on the island with my main computer so...will hop on over to your blog now...