Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Preppin'-Out...the Stepford Wives Stylin' back in the 70's

Fairly-tame version of the Preppy Stepford Look... me at piano recital
Ready for another recital and looking a bit more Stepfordish...
...and here's the full-look which the ladies in the picture next...
...would sooo go grocery shopping with me in a version of, heh heh!
Remember the Stepford Wives movie?
That brilliant and disturbing dark humored original 1975 film version?
I absolutely loved that and have a dvd of it plus the kooky Disneyfied-remake as well. packing-up things around our island house here, I ran across several photos of my Stepford-Wives fashion styling with some pics taken of me in those looong twirled n' ruffled n' patterned n' bowed maxi-dresses which the movie made popular.
Here are a few pictures of me in 'em before a few piano and viola recitals back in the late 1970's: Stepford-Stylin'...what a hoot!
Not quite the more subtle Ralph Lauren Preppied-Boho look of late but definitely super-styling amidst those upscale suburban enclaves we lived in during the 70's and 80's both in Georgia and when we moved up-North.
Finally, there's a picture as well from the film itself with all those maxi-dresses showcased!
Stepford-Stylin'.... pretty Preppy circa 1970's Suburban Stylin'....

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