Wednesday, July 27, 2011

THE Preppy-Sporty Hairstyle... 1970's and 80's...

One of my deb portraits with the "iconic" Dorothy/Di hair styling
And...going a tad bit shorter with it for the Cotillion Ball that winter in Savannah (pictured here with my brothers Wylly and James III)
Sporting a middle-ground version of it for cheerleading season
After I posted my Add-a-Beads post, both here and on Facebook I received a lot of comments about the ole' Dorothy Hamill morphing into Princess Di stacked-bob which was the uber-Preppy Sporty Hairstyle for the decades of the 1970's and 1980's...
It got me to wondering IF that as well is trending-back? Hmm. We'll see I guess...
Here are two pictures of me with that hairstyle back in my senior year of high school, circa 1986.
I had that style for years n' years and how knows, maybe one day I'll try it again ;)

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