Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Eve outing... enjoying some old family-roots at turning of a new year

Posing at my great-great-great-great-great-aunt's portrait...then...

...later visiting her grave. Family history fun on New Year's Eve day!

This New Year's Eve celebrating, James and I decided to "go out" for a celebratory lunch on what was a very pretty day here in Savannah and then spend the evening-in instead of our usual out and about glavanting at parties n' such before the ball drops at midnight.

I really enjoyed this more laid-back holiday for us and was pleasantly-surprised when our lunch out consisted of going to an historic house turned into a restaurant for a delightful meal and.... sitting in the upstair's dining room within which one of my ancestor's portraits is featured over the mantle.

E is my great-great-great-great-great-aunt. I'm directly descended from one of her brothers and the reason why her portrait is in this restaurant is because she was the regal mistress of this house after it was built for her by her husband back in the late 1700's on land-grant property he had in-town. Its current use as an elegant restaurant is such a pleasure to see and experience.

It was fun to pose by E's portrait and then head over to the Colonial Cemetary to visit again her graveside. My family on both sides is so fortunate to have ancestors, and immediate family, eternally resting in such beautiful spots as the Colonial Cemetary and Bonaventure Cemetary.

So a New Year's turning which encompases old family-history? "So-Savannah" isn't it?! ;)


  1. How neat! I have not been to the Olde Pink House yet, but have heard wonderful things about it.

  2. Hi Pink and Green Moms! Thx so much for posting and I hope you get over to it soon for a meal...the "bread basket" long cheese straws, which are tucked into a silver julip cup, are worth it alone :)

    Best, Lachlan

  3. Might you be distantly related to the original Wylly's of St Simons Island?

  4. Hi Rebecca! Yes, I am :) St. Simons, Sapelo and Tortola islands all have Wylly-ties and their various house foundations, graves n' such I've always wanted to visit... lotsa' neat family-stuff scattered around those places and of course here in Savannah. Best to you, Lachlan