Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Preppy's Winter-into-Spring Guide

Placing a bit of Spring within Winter days... Pretty and Preppy-practical
(painting: Girl Arranging Flowers by W.M.Paxton - Brooklyn Museum)

This time of year right after the New Year, it seems that Southern Preppies most especially get hints of Spring within our winter days which tease us just as (no doubt) we'll yet still be experiencing actual winterish weather with cold rainy and windy days remaining ahead of us.

There ARE ways however to put a little Spring into our Winter days while not freezing oneself: less wearing Sperry Topsider flipflop sandals and more layering with pastel-hued pashminas.

The following list is an idea-guide for us all to utilize as desired when so... desiring... Spring:

  • Layer with a pashmina shawl/scarf in a rose, lavender, celadon green, ivory hue

  • For the gentlemen, wear a pastel-hued dress shirt or tie underneath suits, sports coats

  • Pot an Orchid or Spring bulbs into a white ceramic or porcelain cache pot

  • Tie a piece of silky pastel-colored ribbon onto your pearl strand and/or pearl bracelet

  • Put a white or ivory lightweight spread or throw folded at the end of the bed

  • Enjoy candle scents like rose, freesia, hyacinth, lilly of the valley, peony and such

  • Likewise, enjoy these scents in body lotions, perfume and long leisurely bubble baths

  • Get thyself to a warm and tropical island destination asap or...

  • Get to a local Day Spa or create a spa in your bathroom with indulgent tropical products

  • Peruse through picturesque garden books and tropical travel destination/lifestyle books

  • Plan your garden, pottager garden, potted plantscape

  • Perch small pots of herbs on your kitchen windowsills or plant some of these from seed

  • Keep flowers abundant within the house but group in baskets, simple clear glass vases

  • Listen to the lightness of Japanese Flute music cds

  • Watch the film Enchanted April to vicariously get-away from winter's chill through it

  • Organize your boating, golf, tennis, fly fishing etc equipment for warmer months ahead

  • Go ahead, get that shorter haircut then wear chandelier earrings n' wrapped scarves with it

  • Switch much of a basic black or dark navy wardrobe over to using more light gray pieces

  • Wear a little sparkle but keep it light and airy as opposed to past holiday season's big-bling

  • Lighten occasional meals to being large salads, omelettes, cheese-cracker-berries trays

  • Add-in citrus fruit pieces, mint sprigs, cucumber slices to your usual fridge water pitcher

  • Occasionally replace red wine paired with an entree' for a fruity white wine with dessert

  • Switch needlepoint to petit point, oils to watercolors, pottery to jewelry-making for awhile

  • A little bit of bright or buttery yellow added in an outfit, room, atmosphere goes a long way

  • De-clutter, streamline and reorganize areas to further create light/air/space around you

There's so many festive-fun ways we can bring a "Springy-step" into our new year journeying without totally disregarding winter for what it is and its own aspects of delight.

Have fun with this list and post-over some of your own ideas as well if you'd like......... Best, L.

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  1. Dinner this evening after I posted this was....a vegetable-sprinkled omelette ;) It's been 75 degrees here in Savannah lately and there are blooms all over the place but we all know that winter's rain and winds will be back at some point. By then, I'll be burning freesia candles no doubt!