Monday, March 8, 2010

The evidence of...a penchant for Pink & Green

At work today a fellow Prepster and I were chatting about some new pairs of really neat Sperry Topsider flip-flops that have come into the store in various colors with wonderful madras plaid detailing. One of my very first blog posts was titled, "Sperry Soliloquy" and featured a picture of my feet happily wearing my favorite old pair of Sperry summer sandals.

We then got onto the subject of both his and my love of wearing tons of madras, our commonality of Savannah and Bonaventure Cemetery along with going to the Punch and Judy store for clothing as children and we also chatted as well about the brilliant pink and greens of Lilly Pulitzer attire. My late mother wore a lot of Lilly Pulitzer and a picture of her in one of those dresses is on this blog's sidebar plus within another early post as well. I WISH I could find a picture of me in one of my Lilly dresses from awhile ago but so far, no luck. I do wear a bit of Lilly in the summertime when I've got a golden tan going and my hair's doing the sun n' sand n' sea salt breeze uber-blonde highlights but last year, when it became must-wear-sundress-attire for the younger women in our church here, I kinda' pulled back from toting my Lilly out since it was certainly tropical hued bright enough within our light and airy sanctuary. Lilly Pulitzer's terrific in small, scattered doses but can be literally overwhelming if everyone and their mother literally is kitted out in it. Hence, my own mother and I never wore, to my memory, any of our Lilly togs together excepting our bathing suits from time to time.

And so it is, in my opinion, the same needed discernment as to the pairing of hot pink and bright kelly green as well. Whether within an outfit or within a room, this truly Preppy color combination needs some careful nuancing to work well and not go P.I.E, Preppy In Extremis' outlined in a post from last month all about "everything P.I.E". However, I got a really good laugh at myself this evening when I turned on my bedside table lamp just a few minutes ago for there are indeed just... ahem, hmm, quite a few er, Pink and Green items either on or right nearby this small table and so I took the picture above to share with you this laughing-at-myself moment....

Clockwise from the top: a picture frame with one of my favorite pictures of my parents in it circa mid-1980's and yes, mother's in one of her Lilly Pulitzer dresses and my father's per usual in his navy pinstripe suit with tortoise shell glasses. One of the many Tervis Tumbler drinking glasses I fill again and again with water- this one has the South Carolina palmetto tree and moon motif. A green needlepoint key chain with a pink-hued fly fishing motif. An organizational workbook with a writing pad that I keep underneath it. Finally, believe it or not, a Bible who's leather cover is green with two whimsical pink leather flowers appliqued on top. (Now if only The Book of Common Prayer came coordinated with this, wouldn't that be super cute? ;)

And so, there's the evidence of some of my Pink & Greening...and after espying a darling dress in the store today that just arrived which is a sleeveless sheath that's cream-white to the waist then kelly green for the skirt with a hot pink ribbon bow waist tie...oh my, so it continues...


  1. When do you leave for Paris? I hope you take lots of pictures.

  2. Love your post... I agree that one can be too "preppy". And what I mean is the monogramming of EVERYTHING or the pink and green of EVERYTHING. I know you to have seen car monograms on the back of mustangs and Dodge trucks (along with the pink and green John Deere tag). I always say that when "the masses" are doing it, it's time for me to stop.

    Also, if I lived in the low country, I would still be attending the Episcopal church. The churches there are so wonderful.

  3. Hey there! At the end of this month... I hope that James'll stand-still for picture taking since while we were in London last spring, I barely was able to get any photos taken ;)

    I'm slowly starting to pack for the trip and am doing a black, cream, light gray and lavender color scheme with nary a pink and green combination in sight, lol. Love the Preppin' but in Paris, its vibe is a different one so that'll be so much fun to tap into wardrobe-wise and also general-culture wise.

    Will definitely post some Paris-pics here and on FB as well.

  4. Thanks bevy! So glad you like the posts and yes, you must have read my older post about monogramming and especially the verdict still being out about having one's monogram sticker on vehicles ;) I wrote in it that I'm sorely tempted to put a big ole' one on our be-draggled "farm" green n' tan and rusting Ford F150 truck that hauls bales of hay and kayaks. Wouldn't that be hilarious??? I have never seen a pink and green John Deere tag: wow, how amazingly-disturbing is that eh? HAHA

    You and I agree about the overkill of all-things-Preppy- yes, so true. I see this way too often around the lowcountry here... It reminds me of being back in college where some sorority girls just slathered themselves and their dorm rooms in their sorority's colors n' motifs but I never did that. I guess I've never really defined-myself within one categorization so I've never felt the need to posture as, "I'm specifically this" or "that". This blog's theme of Southern Belle Preppy is about as close to that as I'm going to be getting and it took me awhile to get myself to go that defined. I'm just Lachlan, take it or leave it, lol ;)

    I do feel spoiled to be able to attend St. Helena's Episcopal here in town: it is such a wonderful church and church-family. When we lived out in Utah, we went to a Presbyterian church but for me it wasn't the same obviously and I was thrilled to be back here with this one.

    Best to you, Lachlan

  5. You sound like my kind of girl. I am a fan of pink and green, but only on little girls or other people, not on me. I just look silly. Also, there should be a rule book regarding monogramming. (Actually, there should be one for quite a few things!) I blog as well. Stop by for a visit. www.jdbrememberwhoyouare.blogspot

    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Hi JDB and thanks for the reply post! I tried to find your blog but couldn't get to it: is it ending in, "" which I tried or another ending perhaps?

    Yes, I am right with you there about rules needed for monogramming...

    Best to you, Lachlan