Monday, March 15, 2010

A rose is a rose is a.... Rosettes for Spring and Beyond

Demi Moore at the Oscars in a 21st Century classically feminine gown: rosette, ruffles and a gentle band-layering of the bodice ='s beautiful!
An offering from Anthropologie that's cleanly-flounced: one could add a rosette at the waist or collar if so desired

An offering from Talbots that does add a rosette at the waist via a belt

An offering from J.Crew that centers the rosette atop a verticle ruffling

An offering from Lilly Pulitzer which embellishes rosettes along the hemline as well

"A rose is a rose is a rose," the pithy statement by Gertrude Stein written years ago is wonderfully applicable to this spring season's pretty trending of feminine, but not fussy, rosettes.

Of all the various frocks and ballgowns worn to this year's Oscars, my hands-down favorite was the one worn by Demi Moore. This entire look was just frankly beautiful and I was surprised that it was Demi Moore looking so naturally pretty and event-appropriate at the same time. Over the years, her fashion choices have improved quite measurably for the most part; maybe it's part of not having to "prove herself" and/or "parade" in quirky fashion statements to get some needed press coverage and maybe it's also part of just being happy with the woman she is. I hope that it's mostly the latter...

For awhile when I was busily being a business manager, I shied away from wearing things considered more-feminine and relegated myself to classic tailored pieces, business suits and all subdued versions of the proverbial Little Black Dress. To this day, I still tend to "uniform" myself when I need to present a more serious professional and businesslike atmosphere or simply don't want my clothing and jewelry choices to distract from my work, public speaking or whatever else I'm focusing on producing and communicating to others.

However, over the past few years of living back within the lowcountry coastal south, I have gradually integrated more feminine pieces and accessories into my wardrobe that I so very much enjoy now wearing out n' about town, to church, to dinners with friends, at girls'-lunches, while gallery-hopping, antiquing and so forth. As well, after having already had a 15 year business management career and various charity boards career, just finished up my masters degree, been a professional columnist for over a decade now, having caregiven for various family members while running multiple households and so forth, I guess I just don't feel anymore that I have-to "prove" my seriousness or smarts (yeah, yeah, er...such as these are) by presenting a more tailored look 24/7. And maybe as well, it was turning the big 40 a couple of years ago that also loosened my preppy classics and tailored menswear look a bit more into the decidedly feminine ; most likely I am now at the half way point through my life so, heck, why not have a bit more fun within my wardrobe?!

I don't plan however to devolve into the mindless-cookie-cutter-frilly-feminine-suburbia looks as associated with The Stepford Wives of course. I also don't plan to go towards that pseudo-Victorian-countryish-feminine look as well as sported by women who seem to wish that the turn of the century, as in going from the 19th to the 20th Century, never happened. These are stale and stultifying and don't represent the fresh femininity of the 21st Century woman who balances quite well her tailored classics with her feminine flourishes. Yes, she can run a boardroom, manage a household and cultivate her own rose garden along with wearing a rosette or two on the collar of her business suit, at the waist of a party dress and so on..... here's to 21st Century women and all-things-pretty this spring season and beyond!


  1. Hear, hear! Love the way you closed this post. And I agree that Demi was spectacular at the Oscars this year.

    My mom has told me that as a young girl, I wasn't feeling the ruffles...I tended toward cleaner lines, even as a two-year-old, I kid you not. But in my old age, I've found a happy medium that includes camouflage cargos and wife-beaters, ruffled frocks and lace, modern boho and sophisticated silhouettes. My only rule is that I always wear. What. I. Want. So one day you might get G.I. Jane, the next, pink nails and pencil skirts. But that's me...a dichotomy.

  2. Thanks so much V!

    I think it's wonderful that your fashion look n' style personality is a dichotomy... and your fashion blog's fantastic because of your many-layered-nuancing of all-things-fashionable. So artistically creative!

    I think that I'm probably something like having a basic Preppy-core fashionwise with then going out somewhat from that into manifestations such as: Prep-goes-Patagonia-outdoorsey, Prep-goes-Laura-Ashley-romantic, Prep-goes-Missoni-boho and such...

    Like you, I've been pretty tailored (and for me, also bordering on sporty) most of my life but do appreciate well-made flat lace and this new trend of subtle, and mostly flat, ruffles.

    One thing I do soooo love about 21st Century fashion trends is that unlike other years and decades in the past, there's a wider variety of offerings now out there so that finally, women can wear what they like and what flatters them.

    I am a big fan of the show "What Not To Wear" with Stacey and Clinton for two reasons: they focus on flattering fit/colors & also what's actually going to work within each person's lifestyle wardrobe needs. Yea! Reality-fashion.

    As always, it's so much fun chatting-fashion with ya' :) Best, Lachlan

  3. Demi looked stunning at the her! xx

  4. Hi there and thanks for your post reply :) Demi looked the best she's ever looked in my humble opinion and I was so thrilled for her! It seems life with Ashton, her kids and such has been a wonderful nice to see this for a star amidst alla' the usual-sad Hollywood trainwrecks going on...

    Best, Lachlan