Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One of the Gang! ...thePreppyMafia.com

thePreppyMafia.com: "We are tagging more of our favorite bloggers (but know we love ALL of you)!
You’ve been crowned a socialite by The Preppy Mafia! (THANK YOU Wendy :)
The rules-
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Answer the below questions
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1. Who is your style icon? Grace Kelly....absolute elegance absolutely all of the time... and as well the late Queen Mother
2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? It's an old-school one: The Portrait of A Lady by Henry James
3. Favorite party theme? Out here where I live, a by-the-water oyster roast that's islander-lowcountry casually chic
4. Go to Halloween costume? Something historical; my favorite so far was being, "a lady in the Tower of London circa 1600's" in medieval dress
5. Extravagance you cannot live without? Flowers in the house year-round and fairly frequent international travel
6. Living person you admire? Various family members
7. Greatest Fear? Stepping too-near a snake in our woods here; have done it before and really dread doing it again
8. Trait you deplore in yourself? Doing too much within, as ever, way too limited amounts of time
9. Which talent would you most like to have? Being an amazing watercolorist
10. Greatest Achievement? A happy marriage of 19 years and strong friends-partnership of 21 years n' counting with my James... and a far second, my MA in Humanities degree

Bloggers I love... and this is not in any sort of order, just randomly typed into the numbered spaces here:
1. Wendy at Manor Lane
2. It's a Golden Day
3. Summer is a Verb
4. Horse, Hound and Home
5. Madras and Pearls
6. Grit and Glamour
7. Tickled Pink and Green
8. Kappa Prep
9. Monograms and Manicures
10. Chin Up, Pretty Smile, Give 'Em Hell
11. Chinoiserie Chic
...and I think I'm leaving some other folks off of this list by accident but with major Paris and Amsterdam-jet-lag going on today... well, blame it on that I guess ;)

Here's to great bloggers and also a great Preppy bloggerhood that I so very much enjoy being a part of! "Collars Up!" is a wonderful thing and I'll add, "Plus put your pearls on!"


  1. Thank you so much! Love your Low-country oyster roast. I've always said that when I die and go to heaven, there will be a table full of oysters and a cute man by my side shucking them for me! My parents always have one the day after Thanksgiving at their home at Pawley's. Love that tradition as do my young sons who have developed quite the taste!

  2. You're so welcome :)

    That's really great about the Thanksgiving-time oyster roast on Pawley's with your family....what a great tradition! When my mother was alive, we did a Christmas Day afternoon one each year here but it's too memory-laden now to continue.

    Last year in his Christmas stocking, James found an antler-handled engraved oyster knife with its own leather holder for his belt from "Santa", er me, and this was a huge hit with him. He's been putting it to use... A neat store here in town carries these oyster knives whenever the man who makes them does some more: Bay Street Outfitters. (Info in case you don't have something like this and need a fun stocking stuffer ;)

    Best, Lachlan

  3. Thanks so much for picking Chinoiserie Chic. Love your list. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  4. well thanks hun for this great idea i started a blog and i will have to find my blog legs here to make it just as inviting as yours!
    have fun and thanks agian

  5. You're welcome and I LOVE your blog- always a great style inspiration :)

    Happy Easter to you too and best from here, Lachlan

  6. I can't wait Becky to see your blog progressing along as you get it up n' running like crazy... you're such a creative and vibrant person that it's bound to be awesome!!! And the title, "my life, my hair color" is great-fun :)

    As always so much fun to work with ya' today and I'm glad to hear that you like this blog since it's such a joy to do.

    Best and see you around, Lachlan

  7. Great list I have a few of them already on mine too and am going to check the others out, this could turn into a full time job..lol. I just started my own blog and hope you might take a look, means a lot to hear from others whose blogs I enjoy and admire! Thanks and let me know if you have a minute, happy 2011!


  8. Hello The enchanted home :) Thx for your post and that will indeed be a fun job...so many great bloggers out there now! I enjoyed checking out your blog and have become a "Follower" on it- can't wait to see how your dream house unfolds its beautiful self...enchanting indeed!!! Our's will be a bit longer in the making since we're not there quite yet since "there" is the lowcountry southern farmhouse (double-pillared porches n' such) my husband sooo desires set out in the middle of his long-time family land in the literal middle of nowhere-mid-South Carolina ;) Umm, I'm thinking this'll happen much closer to retirement years for us and since we're both in our mid-40's.........haha!
    All the best to you, Lachlan