Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Autumn in August...this Preppy's Wish-List for the Upcoming Fall Season

Autumn last year in Australia was incredibly lovely... I sooo loved it, ahh

Ah, Autumn....or August I guess though with all of the Fall Fashion Season merchandise coming into stores now, it is making this huge-fan-of-fall-months rather quite wistful lately.

To me, the first day that there's finally a crisp cool feeling in the air is super exciting. It takes a very long time down here in the south for that to actually happen but when it does, oh my!

Today I've had autumn on my mind as we were coordinating product placement around my department and seeing what-all came in on the truck earlier. Pretty, so pretty is everything...

Mentally I began to muse over an Autumn Wish-List as I drove home tonight and thought I'd share it here. I know that most of this is wishful-thinking this particular autumn season as we're still trying to move and are so tied-up within this process but you never ever know sometimes and, at the very least, I'll have a list to go on from this year forward so here 'tis a beginning:

  • A fireplace again: how I absolutely miss a fireplace to sit beside enjoying a nice glass of port

  • Strolling along some picturesque small town in New England when the leaves are turning

  • A decadently-authentic German meal

  • Strand of gold-tone pearls and stud earrings to match

  • Returning to our ole' Park City to ski at Deer Valley with our Utah friends n' former neighbors

  • Regular off-season meandering along the sand beach walks

  • Heading back to school...the next round will be for the PhD pursuit

  • Meeting-up with girlfriends for lunch and super-early Christmas shopping on main street

  • A new pair of leather English riding boots

  • Fly fishing the Davidson River once again with James and this time wearing my new waders

  • Making over-sized with various-glazes n' toppings caramel apples

  • Planting the winter garden and potting pansies, ivy and kale a' plenty

  • Visiting art museums, galleries and so forth then having a hot chocolate in a cafe' nearby

  • Exiting from an orchestra concert all bundled-up

  • Exiting a jazz club not needing to be bundled-up because I'm plenty warm from lotsa' wine

  • Having the perfect plum-toned lipstick

  • The room is cold, wind and rain are outside the windows and I'm in bed reading a good book

  • Beginning to collect a wardrobe of cashmere socks, ahh, so cozy indeed

  • Finding, finally, the perfect chili: not too hot, not too heavy and not heartburn-inducing

  • Hours and hours in an old bookstore with no spending-limit

Ah, yes...Autumn! Here's to cooler days and more layering and many more lovin-life-times...

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  1. Love all your ideas and you paint a perfect picture of all the wonderful things only Fall can bring. If it werent' for school, I would be all for it, as its such a beautiful season but I cannot help but think of the overscheduling that comes along with fall, the constant driving, and ultimately some of the stress! Saying goodbye to summers sweet unscheduled days is hard for me but there is nothing that beats a perfect crisp day, with leaves falling, biting air and getting to shop for gorgeous fall fashions! Congrats on pursuring your PhD, very exciting. I am thinking of going back myself, just waiting to move and settle in and perhaps 2012 it will happen, hpoefully it will be a year to start putting into action all the things on my growing "bucket list"!