Monday, August 8, 2011

Preppy Hunters and Bubba Hunters: a comparison and contrast frivolity

The Preppy Hunter's Sporting Stag: most likely featured on a family crest, a family crest ring or a family's generations-old hunting lodge's house stationary

With hunting season on the horizon...and autumn coming into store aisles if not into the air yet...

...I've been musing, with a lot of suppressed chuckling, about the differencing nuances between Southern Lowcountry Preppy Hunters and the Good Ole' Bubba-Boy n' Cracker-Chick Hunters.

Without much more ado, here's a humorous contrasting between these two very different lifestyles:

Preppy Hunters: serve their venison in medallions drizzled with a port and blackberry reduction

Bubba Hunters: servin' up venison burgers dripping with ketchup and splashed with beer

Preppy Hunters: ask which chilled wine or how much sweet iced tea you'd like with your meal

Bubba Hunters: throw you a canned beer

Preppy Hunters: climb up into a well-designed and well-rigged deer stand in the tree

Bubba Hunters: balance on some boards their grandpa nailed up years ago in a tree

Preppy Hunters: utilize top of the line suppliers and sporting goods purveyors

Bubba Hunters: Walmart's specials- where else? Oh yeah, there's the Feed n' Seed place too...

Preppy Hunters: have one mounted deer head up over their lake house's carved wood mantle

Bubba Hunters: have more than one room whose walls are covered with deer heads of seasons past

Preppy Hunters: stay warm with sips of amber liquid from their sterling flask tucked in a pocket

Bubba Hunters: stay warm with gulps of beer... from cans... one after another after another... oops

Preppy Hunters: one shot, one kill and usually one kill per single hunting session

Bubba Hunters: can go up to several shots and be several kills

Preppy Hunters: conserve their wearing of cammo-prints to actual hunting hours

Bubba Hunters: wear their cammo constantly

Preppy Hunters: drive back into hunting areas in old trucks which are farm and/or second vehicles

Bubba Hunters: drive back into hunting areas in old trucks

Preppy Hunters: look quite outdoorsey-sporty in their hunting togs and toting their hunting rifles

Bubba Hunters: look frankly quite Deliverance-disturbing at times in their attire n' guns

Preppy Hunters: house decor' style is traditional-elegant influenced with family antiques

Bubba Hunters: house's interior decorations are supplied by sporting goods housewares kitsch forth and so on! Hope you all got a laugh outta' this and feel free to post-reply some contrasts of your own: I'll put them up here as long as they're all in good clean fun.........

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