Saturday, August 6, 2011

Black and White Preppy Stylin' for Men...Leave it to Ralph Lauren!

The absolute Black and White Preppy-stylin' for men by Ralph Lauren...

...always perfectly appropriate yet fun like this great button-down and...

...a mod for the modern man complete look like this

...along with an alligator and sterling belt I'd sooo borrow big time! Ah...

...but I couldn't borrow these equally-great driving mocs unfortunately!

Decade after decade, Ralph Lauren has been a Preppy bastion of style direction for the modern Prep.

Ever appropriate, it's always a bit of cosmopolitan tweaking, a quirkier twist of layering or an unusual English-inspired combining of colors and textures that gives the Preppy in Ralph Lauren a never-dull or dated look.

What Kate Spade's doing for Black and White with women's clothing styling, Ralph Lauren's doing for men's attire.

The photos above highlight the great, very modern re-thinking of Black and White pieces and total looks available this late summer and early fall season which any male Preppy can easily add into his wardrobe and every Preppy female will no doubt want to borrow.....


  1. Love RL and in my eyes he can do no wrong, from the way he dresses my husband and sons (and me) to the way his talents are sprinkled all over our house, he is a pure genius!

  2. I'm right there with you! :) Love, love RL too... Everything he designs is lovely and classic including recently his daughter's wedding dress. And I think I have a whole wardrobe now of his ladies non-iron tailored blouses which are absolutely perfect for work, play, church, dinner out and such. Have collected solids, stripes, checks, plaids since these things never go-wrong ;) Best to you!