Friday, June 25, 2010

Deep, Deep South in Australia...

One of the many "rooms" in our friend Kev's truly amazing garden...
A quiet, shaded corner that's quite Zen-like in its wooded simplicity.

Turn the corner... it's a cool, cloistered fern n' frond delight awaiting you!

Various plants mesh together into the landscape in a delightful way... well as clambor upwards. A bevvy of vines is always divine!

Here I'm standing in another one of Kev's neat garden rooms.

Kev (on the left) and my brother James (on the right) get ready to settle-into the chairs on the porched patio.

While visiting family and friends in Australia this month, I was greatly-inspired by our friend Kev's garden which he designed and maintains in the wonderfully named "Kangaroo Flat" neighborhood area which is in beautiful Bendigo!

What a true delight it was to spend a weekend up there with my brother James as Kev's guests be given a tour of the garden in which it was to literally wander through room after room of greenery, flowers and outdoor structure. I loved the "room" concept and the way in which wherever you turned, there was another surprise or corridor leading into the next room awaiting. It was their autumn season when I visited and yet quite a bit was still in bloom. Another very atmospheric bent Kev has orchestrated with his garden is to let plants grow on into other plants in a way that's a pleasing mosaic of vines, leaves, branches and flowers running riot, but a well-maintained riot that is, throughout.

As well, Kev's garden has a bit of wit n' whimsy in it which I will do a second post about.........

There are many different gardens within our world. Gardens for showing-off, gardens with societal aspirations, gardens for structuring around a lawn and so forth and then there are gardens for the soul. In my opinion, Kev's garden is a wonderfully soul-filled one!


  1. How beautiful... deep south gardening in the truest sense of the word. How lucky that you could be there!

    I just posted two blog posts on southern history... you might enjoy reading them.


  2. Thanks bevvy! I absolutely LOVE my family, extended family and friends in Australia and count my blessings that I can visit them every once in a while.... :)

    Will-do with reading your history blog posts and I'm finally getting back now to getting back with some normalcy within my schedule so that I can catch-up with other's postings.

    Hope you're having a great summertime and best as always :)

  3. Wow...gor-juss!!! I always admire people with a green thumb. And I love that you pointed out the differences between the gardens of the world. I grew up in gardens for the soul—my mom is a total green thumb, and her gardens have always been simple, beautiful, and fruitful because they're planted and tended to with an abundance of personal love.

    ♥ V

  4. Thanks V! What I quickly saw of your mother's gardening looked really pretty and lovingly-tended :)

    I agree, the soulful gardens are the ones that resonnate with me. Second to that would be the Japanese traditional styled gardens- such elegant simplicity and so much "room" for contemplation within them.

    Out here, I don't garden even half of what I'd like to but that' just this particular "life chapter" I'm living within. So I do the little that I can and look forward to years ahead when I will be able to garden like I really like to :)

    Best to you as always, Lachlan

  5. awesome! i love experiencing at a friend's's like having an intimate conversation. thanks for sharing the great pics.

  6. Thanks Elizabeth and I really liked how you put it, "it's like having an intimate conversation." That's such a great way to think of this!