Monday, June 14, 2010

Sex and The City 2 Premiere in Melbourne, Australia... a fun night which quite style-paralled the movie!

Channeling the style-spirit of my favorite television-portrayed Preppy, Charlotte York... I happily went to the "Sex and The City 2" premiere night in Melbourne Australia with three super-stylish ladies! How very authentic did that feel? Absolutely loved it!

I'll leave it up to my Aussie gal pals to decide who all's style they were channeling that evening... as for me, I've always been decidedly in the Charlotte-camp since along with her always classic yet feminine personal style, I also like her inherent sweetness, smattering of innocence and ever-positive outlook about living life. Plus, being Episcopalian before she married her true-love, yes....totally.

Over the years of the show, Charlotte's style stayed steady and fairly streamlined-Preppy which is kinda' how I also dress myself. Less "purposefully pink and green Pulitzer" and more pretty n' proper for any occasion. As intriguing as it was with watching Carrie's quirky and inventive style pairings, Samantha's smouldering sexiness and Miranda's neatly polished modern-urban vibe going on, seeing Charlotte's various outfits and accessories always gave me ideas and inspirations regarding my own wardrobe.

I got a big laugh during this movie sequel outta' how Charlotte looked in the flash-back scenes of the girls as they were dressing in the 1980's around Manhattan...where, oh where is my old, long-lost Bermuda Bag and those headbands I used to wear?! Earlier this spring, I purchased a Talbots skirt that looks very tennis-like as Charlotte's did in her retro-scene and I do indeed own a pair of Tretorn tennies though I choose to pair this particular skirt up with either strappy sandals or my new-favorite shoe lately: the wonderful camel-toned leather with silver buckle detailing peep-toe new-wedge pumps which you see here in this premiere' photo above.

Us-girls and our stunningly-beautiful male model friend (who was snapping this photo but you can see his picture with us currently posted at the top-left of the blog ) all met-up at "Top of the Town" for a fun pre-Premiere' private booth setting of wine, appetizers and a lots of good laughing time beginning to our evening...

Angela and I then stopped by the exotically-decorated The Spice House restaurant and lounge to grab a bit of supper before heading to the particular theater we had tickets for... another wonderfully "in the spirit of this movie" setting as this place was decked-out in decor' and atmosphere like the middle eastern traveling experience of the-girls in the movie. Right down to our curtained-off, much-candeled own private dining area complete with sofas and floor pillows to lounge on surrounding a low, ornate brass table- just amazing!

Overall, the BEST movie-premier evening I have ever attended (despite a not so well-written sequal) and the memories of this will be long savored... including, of course, the further style-inspirations of its Charlotte character. Long live, "preppy done well"!


  1. Nobody does preppy better than Charlotte York Goldenblatt! And she had SO many gorg outfits in the movie!

  2. Yes...doesn't she? And I loved her outfit especially at the last when she was getting some time-off from the kids in Carrie's apartment with reading a magazine and having a cup of tea. :)